Sarah is back!

Reunited withย my Sarah last Saturday after a month of her solitary confinement inside the workshop. I have been hounding their asses to finish the repair works fast. Insurance company already approved the claim, I need the car to shuttle my ass around town, especially going to work.

Life is no fun without own transport, especially when you’re staying at place where is a 20 mins drive from your working place, 10-15 mins from town, where all the fun is. So how I survived my one month period without Sarah?

Initially I made an arrangement with a friend, where I would send her to work in the morning before I go to work then pick her up on my way back home in the evening. Probably I thought it’s not so convenient for me (and her) to do that so I leased a motorcycle from another friend, used that for a while and found out the bike was performing pathetically to carry my heavy ass around. The sad grunts from its engine almost like pleading me to stop riding it further, so I did.

I went back to the first arrangement for few more days and then on the last week I asked another colleague whether he would kindly let me follow his chopper to-and-fro from office to my house, since he’s staying not very far from my place. Night outings were minimised during the period. I only went out when there were friends kind enough to come and fetch me hehe.

The insurance claim for the repair work is around RM8k+ and since I took back Sarah last Saturday, I’ve been visiting the workshop twice. Not happy. 1st visit was due to the annoying noise coming from the left tyre or bottom of the car I wasn’t sure, then the screeching sound from the timing belt area and the alarm lights on the front and rear not working. Turns out, some metal pipings under the car were too close and hitting each other, creating the annoying noise, the noise from the timing belt area was solved by putting more lubricant oil at the motor and well, the alarm lights was not installed properly.

Then this morning, the engine was overheated. I was driving to work when I felt hot air coming from the air conditioner vent and I looked at the temperature gauge, holy shiet it’s at MAX temperature. Twice while slowing down the car was about to die on me. Not again. When I stopped to check the water in the radiator, it was none. Evaporated into thin air, must be. Filled back the water, then brought the car to the workshop for the 2nd time of the week. Already twice this week I took some time off to visit the workshop.

Needless to say, my attendance and punctuality at work sucks. It’s not like I want it that way. Who wants to take emergency leave for fun? Who wants to take unpaid leave and get salary deduction and on top of that hearing remarks from your superior that you’re not giving enough commitment to your work.

I find it funny and quite unreasonable that even though in the past that I managed to complete the given tasks within allocated time with the limited information and resources, my KPI would be based more on my punctuality to arrive at work and my attendance. I always try stay back a little longer to top up the time whenever I am late to work.

Like I said, it would look bad on my record to come in late (5-10 mins late, come on! I never bitch about the time I stay back more than 5-10 mins) but not that I intended to do that. My absence from work was with reason, and hey I got my salary deductions for the unpaid leave, so it’s quite fair no? Need not to rub it it, implying I’m incompetent and all that. Show me my delivered works, not just focusing on trivial matters. End of the day, you just want the assigned work to be done no? And I did exactly that, so only that matters to me. It’s not like you’re paying top dollar. Ehe! Anyway when you’re a modern slave, boss is always right. *weak smile*

Sorry, I digress. After inspection and me showing not very happy face, found out the rubber hose connecting the radiator and the engine was loose, water was leaking from the joint. Fixed that and Sarah is all well for now. I hope. Please don’t make my life miserable again. I’ve had enough.

I would like to express my gratitude for the help that I received from my friends. I’m glad to have many good and caring friends and I wouldn’t trade anything for that. Hmm, on a second thought, well maybe I will. Make your offer. *grin* You guys rock my smelly socks!

ps: Why Sarah? Thet two of you with the name Sarah in my friends list, don’t perasan lah! I just love the sound of it. Say it. Say-rah. Num num num yum yum. ๐Ÿ˜€

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5 Responses to “Sarah is back!”

  1. teecey wrote on Oct 29, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    whtever reason..i luv to hear u pronounce say-rah..hahahhaa..:P


  2. NoktahHitam wrote on Oct 29, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    What is the num num num yum yum for? You breast feeding ka? LOL

    Anyway dude, what really happened to sarah? Car crash ke bro? Sorry haven’t been keeping up with you ๐Ÿ˜›


    bongkersz Reply:

    @NoktahHitam, num num yum yum is to describe the yummy name lah ๐Ÿ˜› breast feeding.. is nyot nyot nyot nyot.. ah (ah from the breast owner cos accidentally sucking too hard)

    what happened to sarah? – http://bongkersz.com/life-as-it-is-2/


  3. K-Ren wrote on Oct 29, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Sounded very much like a china men company you’re working for! Just like mine! SUCKY!


  4. drumsticks wrote on Oct 31, 2009 at 11:30 am

    hey bongkersz, thanks for the help just now! I know i can count on you in terms of politics! hahaha.. anyway, my friends were playing treasure hunt guess that’s one of the questions asked! btw, its been long since drop by here, there has been plenty of drastic changes in my life.. am still adapting to it. anyway, when things are better, will come back more often here. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh, btw, you seem to be having a roller coaster ride over the past 1 month. read ur post in sept regarding all the things happening to you. glad that you’re takin everything in a stride!! ๐Ÿ™‚ guess you’re not alone in this.. hope better days ahead of you! don’t worry! take care ya!!


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