‘Makan duit rakyat’ is bad for your stomach…

I am not feeling well today. Went to the toilet a bit too many times yesterday and this morning. Down with fever last night. I slept the whole night, from 7.30pm till this morning.

Heat stroke? All the traveling and standing under the sun for the past two weeks. Food poisoning? Too much beer? Wait, I think I know  the source of my food poisoning. I came back from Bintulu last Thursday and RasMhd fetched me from airport using Sarah. I left Sarah with him and Luky before I went to Bintulu. “Oi, sapa makan aiskrim lam keta aku, dah ya tumpah kat tepi seat!!! Passenger seat. Cheebuy takorang yeeer..”

Went to Bintulu to see this o.O

We decided to eat at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCKK) where Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) convention is held for the past one week. RasMhd needed to go back there to for some photo-shoot sessions. He’s one of the many photographers for the PBB convention. Of course, he is the best among all! “heh heh, promote boh sik!”

A peek inside a photog’s bag

Took this photo when I fetched RasMhd and Luky at their hotel the other day. Luky was distributing tags, bags, hotel keys.“Ney bag aku oii!”

Gotta love the theme for this year – Transformasi Rakyat untuk Mencapai Ekonomi Berpendapatan Tinggi (Transforming People Towards High-Income Economy), hope they understand what it really means, especially the ‘high-income economy part’. Since PM came out with this ‘high-income’ economy thing, everybody is talking about it. Just like the 1Malaysia hype. Islam Hadhari. Malaysia Boleh. Malaysians are suckers for slogans. One of our favourite past times is sloganeering, I guess.

The state relies heavily on palm oil plantations, logging and petroleum as its main sources of income. Apart from petroleum and its related industries, the other sectors are not exactly high-income sectors because those sectors depend a lot on cheap foreign labours with non existence of minimum wages. This article written by Dr. Fong Chan Onn is a good read, for us to understand the limitations and things we need to change before we embark on this mission to be a nation of ‘high-income’ economy – Caught in middle-income trap.

Back to the story, we had dinner at BCCK since meals were prepared for the PBB delegates and people related to the function. Er, I am also related, since I was the driver for my friends who were working for the event. Ha! Ha!

Awesome dishes. Especially love the Daging Masak Kicap. (Beef in Soy Sauce) It reminds me of the days I was a hostel student back in Kolej TDTH Bujang. One of the few dishes at the dining hall I looked forward to eat at that time. LOL!

Just both of us were sitting at the table, eating food prepared for 10 persons. I went home fully stuffed. The next morning (yesterday), I visited the toilets thrice. Few more visits to the loo during along the day. Also a bit stressed out because of the amount of emails I needed to reply, reports to write and meetings to attend.  After work, went to see Sai Wan of The Star for a little chat. He is here for the launch of The Star, Sarawak Edition. I have been tweet-chatting with him on Twitter for a while now. It is great to meet new people and I always look forward to do so to get to know the real persons apart from their online personas, or reputations.

I went back home, dozed off till this morning and visited the toilet few more times again. I need to see a doctor if I still religiously visit the toilet. Hmm… pretty sure this is due to the ‘free food’ I ate last Thursday night at BCCK. I have learned something from this and I wish to share it with my readers. 

1. ‘Makan duit rakyat’ (eating people’s money) is never good. Kthxbai.

2. Toilet affair is more fun now, with the invention of Twitter.

ps: High-income economy. No minimum wages. Message delivered by old farts, for old farts. Party full of old farts. Bunch of old farts run the country. How?

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4 Responses to “‘Makan duit rakyat’ is bad for your stomach…”

  1. walski69 wrote on Mar 6, 2010 at 11:37 am

    And which “lady” had to sacrifice her “finger” for your meal, eh? :p


    bongkersz Reply:

    @walski69, sharp eyes 😛 I love lady finger.. HAHA! http://bongkersz.com/what-a-slimy-experience/


  2. pilocarpine wrote on Mar 6, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Bunch of old farts run the country, resulting in lots of smelly farts..



  3. Fi-sha wrote on Mar 6, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Bong Dearest,

    I was writing about ‘makan duit rakyat’ thingy when your post came out.. Pinjam ya awak punya post sebagai pengajaran? Boleh?

    Go see the Doc Bong, drink 100PLus and pineapple to rehydrate and replenish your minerals ok. If not treated early youll get nasty gastric attack and that is something we all need to avoid at all cost. Even to sleep will make you cry…so jumpa doctor ok?

    Get well soon Bong!


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