Young and Dangerous

I was chatting with few friends in Facebook.

“Lisa, it’s been a while we chatted! How’s your parents? Send my regards from Penang 🙂 I miss my mom so much already tsk tsk” – J (in her 30’s, working in Penang)

“I missed you too J ^_~. Hrmm.. my parents are fantastic basically. Spent the day with my dad with his favourite subject, cars. Men and cars.. haha! I have always found that calling parents up when I miss them helps” – Lisa, a law student studying in Shah Alam.

“I call my mum every Saturday..after call..always feel lega (relieved) and relieved (not idea why he wrote lega and relieved together haha)..like have no problem..weird !! – Jimmy, a manager currently working in Dubai.

“Muakss Lisa..good you are close to your dad..sure he can advise you about guys :p It is better to talk to them in person..ya talked to my mom in the morning” – J

“He has only one response to questions about men actually. “Lu belajar dulu.”

“Erhmm…. or he gives me his famous ape ke hal (what is the matter) look and walks away silently. *chuckle*

Fathers will never end becoming jealous of the other men in your life, do they? hehe… and I will try to either call or drive home every week. ^_~ If not something missing in my life. I think everyone shares this sentiment lah.” – Lisa

“Wah, your bapak ber- lu and gua with you? 😀 hahaha!” – Bong, yours truly lol!

“Yeah…. even to my mom. Sometimes when I talk with my parents other ppl would think either 1) gaduh besar (big fight) or 2) mak oih kurang hajar punya anak…(what a rude kid!) but it’s how we talk to each other when we disagree. Jenis yg cakap lepas (talk without holding back) and tak simpan dalam hati.(literally : never keep it in the heart) We’re a highly sarcastic bunch, but we whoop ass! – Lisa

“I can imagine that 😀 Actually I talk that way to my dad. My mom, I talk soft bit haha.” – Me

“If I talk like that to my parents..my dad will beat me silly !!! Still remember he beat me with the dining table chair..I skipped class with my brother and went to the beach instead..He beat us good and then left us out in the heat with only our underwear on… Good times hehehe ” – Jimmy

“Garang siot your dad…(Your father damn fierce)” – Lisa

“Time kecik I selalu kena kejar keliling rumah (When I was little I always been chased around my house) with my dad holding either a rotan (cane) or a belt. Sorok bawah katil (Hide below the bed), nyorok atas pokok (hide on trees) sebab takut (below I was scared), or yg paling tak boleh belah panjat pagar rumah jiran (if i did the worst, I climbed over to my neighbour’s house) and sit it out until he hruumpphh elsewhere, but always kena one. It wasn’t funny then but it is hilarious now.” – Lisa again 😛

“Our generation, mak bapak all garang garang hehe. Belt, rotan, hose, cloth hanger, semua I dah rasa lol. Sedap. I remember, I ‘negotiated’ at bathroom with my mom. I hold the hose and I didn’t want to let go unless she stop hitting me. She said yes, so I let go, but I still kena pukul muahahahaha! Memang bodoh, kena tricked. After a while I became smarter, I ran away everytime my mom or dad tried to hit me haha. Waited somewhere outside for a while, then only came back, for makan malam. LOL!” – Me

(I am too lazy to translate anymore.. just read it as it is lah k? :P)

“Kelakar kan time kecik?? We only appreciate why they do what they do now.” – Lisa

“If they did not do it like that..we wont be what we are right now yes?..My parents weapon of choice are more or less the same as Bong’s…hose is the most feared one..pedih siootttt” – Jimmy

“No eh, I was scared of hanger. Issh.. but hose memang berbekas la. Hahaha!” – Me

“I still scared shit of my dad. Till today they don’t know I smoke and used to drink and go clubbing 🙁 ” – Patty, a lady in her late 30’s

“It is not too late, I can help to tell him for you. *Wink!” – Me

“You will not just be bald… You will be headless too muahahaha!” – Patty

My parents were very strict with us back then – me, my younger brother and sister. I still think my parents were more strict to me compared to my brother and sister because I am the eldest son.

Physical punishments were common in those days. I guess nowadays parents are more soft in their approach in educating their kids and many do not believe in ‘whacking’ their kids silly. Which one is the better approach?? We never know for sure, right?

Even with such a strict upbringing, when I was a kid I was really naughty and mischievous. I did many bad things that my parents never know until now haha! (I hope they are not reading this now.. hehehe) What is the worst thing you all did that goes unpunished? 😀

Let me see, just to let out some worms from my can…

I lied about me being suspended from school hostel. For 2 weeks, I had no place to stay but I never tell my parents. The suspension started right after a school holiday and I went back to school like normal after saying goodbye to my parents, boarding the bus to Miri. (I was studying in Miri, my hometown in Sarikei). When I reached Miri, I lied to a friend of my mom that the hostel I was staying was under renovation. She let me stayed for 2 weeks. (This is a long story, for another blog post in future)

I stole books from library when I was 7 to 9 years old because, I love to read too much (really! I still love to read very very much!), and we were only allowed to borrow 2 books at a time. 1st time, didn’t get caught, 2nd time, 3rd time.. I never kena caught. (Luckily those days spycams weren’t so popular and affordable!! Haha! ) I stole a lot of books and my room became crammed with books and it would look suspicious to my parents. Those books are quite thick, those Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew series and some Malay novels.

So I hid the book below this one broken car in front my house, a very old car. When I couldn’t do that anymore because the space below the car getting less and less because of the books, I brought the books and threw it at this one place everytime I was on my to the library. Behind this building, it was like a small jungle, the area was covered with thick bushes and I just dumped the books there. Haha!

The books below the car, one day people found it. Some people I cannot remember, they lifted up the car, I mean, moved it to other place. All the books below the car already ‘rotten’. I just kept quiet. LOL!

Ehem, I have more stories to tell but I should stop for now. We have all the time for more stories next time.

I did many bad things I am not proud of la. 🙁 Writing this out, I am not trying to glorify my escapades when I was a kid. Just reminiscing the past and as a reminder to myself not to repeat the mistakes I did. 🙂 Haha!

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17 Responses to “Young and Dangerous”

  1. angeles wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 12:01 am

    hahhahaha… I LOL-ed reading this 😛 baaad boy u were… but we lurve bad boys 😉

    so…. do you S & M??? hahaha 😛

    Oh, and I love love love Enid Blyton! my favourite-test was the one abt the Magic Faraway Tree in the Enchanted Woods… fun, kan? Nak aper2 land, pun ader.. macam mimpi jer.. 😉

    –> “Magic Faraway Tree in the Enchanted Woods”!!! I love that one too! But I read the Malay version lah hahahahahahahhahaha! The Famous Five series, The Secret Seven series, The Adventure series, The Mystery series all I read in Malay. I was studying in Malay school mar 😛 But I get to read the English version after I dah besar panjang… Enid Blyton is the best child author 😀 Er, kecik kecik how to S&M? Belum ada partner mah… Ehem.. *tengah cari*


  2. angeles wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Oh, and the worst thing I did that went unpunished? I just told u this afternoon… haha.. shhhh!!!

    –> oh, itu i pun i did and went unpunished 😛 itu cannot tell la! how to tell? rotflmao!


  3. Kopi Soh wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 1:00 am

    At least u stole books for reading, i steal chewing gum frm shop then steal peepul’s rambutan from their rambutan tree, becoz it wasn’t ripe i eat liao stomak ache 🙁
    Ooooo angeles and i read same Enid Blyton books. I love the Naughty chewren series and oso naughtiest girl series kekekeke.
    P/S Yup we luvvvvv bad boyzz

    –> i stole ciku before 😀 together with my friends. then kena kejar anjing kakakakakka! bad boysz break your heart kopi soh 😛


  4. angeles wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 2:12 am

    kopi soh!!! yes yes, we same taste in enid blyton’s books… (u think we same taste in men anot ah? haha..) all those Mr. Meddle’s Muddles, Mr. Pink Whistle’s Party, Naughty Amelia Jane, St. Clare’s, Mallory Towers, Mr. Galliano’s Circus, Toyland, Golliwongs, Pixies, etc etc! Wow.. memories are made of these 😉

    Bongkersz, ohh, no wonder la your Bee-Em is impeccable! Sape yang translate all those books ah?? Bagus ke the terjemahan? Hehehe…

    Actually, I tak berapa faham… why did u hide the books under the car? O.o U not only naughty.. u oso weird haha 😛

    Wah, kopi soh oso got curi… I jz remembered what I cure last time… I curi wang.. and u know for what? I curi wang for a popular girl in my class! Her name is Melanie.. she veli pwetty, veli popular.. and she mintak wang from me.. I no money give her, I went curi my dad’s coins.. kena tangkap lor one day… cried until so teruk cos kena rotan 🙁 but i learnt my lesson… so bodoh kan me? curi wang for other ppl pulak.. cis… 😛

    –> kesian angeles, mangsa buli. er, stealing from mom? remember one time i kena caught, my mom brought the butcher knife and said she would chop my hands haha. forced to write an ‘agreement’ letter and signed it, i will never steal money again bla bla or else i get my hands chopped. she sticked the note on the wall in my room as reminder. lol.

    aiya, budak budak mar, where else to hide? actually the car is a very old car, and tit was like being dumped there for good, together with some other scraps. i thought hide it down there nobody will notice. and i intended to take some and threw it somewhere else hehe..


  5. Lynnwei wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 4:15 am

    wah! cannot believe you were so naughty!!!

    once i tried to lie to my mom, felt extremely guilty…and since then, never did lie! ahaha…


    –> i feel guilty too lynnwei.. should i say i feel guilty a lot.. when i wrote this i feel bad too 🙁 🙁 good girl, big girl don’t lie. (hahahaha!)


  6. suituapui wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 7:10 am

    Aiyor…u bad, bad boy!!! Wat u need is a good spanking!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Anyway, the question is: Are you going to bring up your children the same way? If you are, then the vicious cycle is going to go on…and on…and on!!! Bring up your kids with love and affection, give them guidance, attention and understanding…and let them learn to be self-reliant and independent. You’ll find that you will not need to punish at all, just a few words to “put them on the right track” as and when necessary! Teach by instilling love and respect, NOT fear!

    –> agree with you suituapui 🙂 don’t let the vicious cycle going on and on. instilling love and respect should be the way, not fear. well said. love conquer all! awwwwww!!


  7. nono wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    hahaha! interesting post.. bongkersz turns bonkers =) oh, you were suspended from asrama? apa kes? dating eh? kolej people, i mean the students memang sik lari from being suspended. the teachers suka gantung2 people kan..

    –> bukan dating lah 😛 ada lah kes ya…


  8. zewt wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    lying to parents and stealing books… no big deal la…. kids in KL have done worse things…

    i think it’s all part and parcel of growing up. it’s such things that make us… man… haha!

    –> haha! ehem, it is because, only lying to parents and stealing books are acceptable, considered still appropriate to be shared to the public 😛 worse things, keep for myself.. hahahaha! wouldn’t want to spoil the good image yeah 😀


  9. catwoman wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    oyyeeee botak, i’m exactly 40 and not in my 40s. u better get it right otherwise u will not only be headless, u will oso be limbless muahahaha


  10. mar wrote on Apr 4, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    eh,u kena gantung asrama one..u told me before but I forget when…haha
    as for stealing books…kinda cute…hehe…and I love Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Enid Blyton…

    –> you read it in my old blog 😛


  11. lola wrote on Apr 6, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    bong, about u getting suspended from ktdthb’s hostel, i think u ever talked about it in your old blog kan? if im not mistaken, u stayed at ur aunt’s house for that 2 weeks. hee hee…

    –> wow, you have a good memory 😛


  12. Man- wrote on Apr 6, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    Wow…reminds me of something! Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew is my fav! The Famous Five is my fav too. Remember Georgina or famously known as George in this series. I love how they solved the mysteries. I enjoyed everything from Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys very much and was never bored by it at all. Thats y I love to play Nancy Drew Interactive PC adventures games. I’ve the whole collection of the game! hehehe…

    Note: emmm, I’m a School Librarian back then…lol!

    –> yeah! i love that series really.. for their weird and fun adventures. i never play the game you mentioned, is it good? 😛 wow, lot of school librarians here!


  13. drumsticks wrote on Apr 7, 2008 at 9:28 am

    hehe yeah.. grew up with enid blyton books.. 🙂 remember trying out to write with orange juice as invisible ink.. from the mystery of secret room. haha still have all the collections at home.. can pass to our children next time. next time will pinjam it to your kids.

    –> yeah!!!!! i tried that too! writing with lemon juice as invisible ink hahahahah! and then i took my mom’s iron and ironed the paper. hahahahahahahaa! then i tried the ‘getting the keys outside the room’ trick too. rotflmao! fun read 😛 er, my kids? not our kids? sob sob sob.. don’t lah terang terang reject me like that… lol!


  14. autumnmusic wrote on Apr 7, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    wahhh, u stole books just to read them and throw away arh?? -_-”’

    –> er.. yeah. hahaha!


  15. Man- wrote on Apr 8, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    ya ya…I tried that one too…writing with lemon juice…it works! hahaha…well, im crazy with the interactive games! You shld try it…

    –> what games? 😛


  16. Man-D wrote on Apr 8, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    I forgot the D behind my name…


  17. drumsticks wrote on Apr 8, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    yes Man-D i played the interactive games too.. its really fun. 🙂


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