Verdict & the smallness of our politics.

The results speak for themselves. The verdict is out.

Barisan Nasional, BN

1. It’s simple. Change for good or face extinction in the nearest future. Change or to be changed.

2. People still remember the deeds by the recurring warlords like Apanama and Samyvellu. As long as these old goats still clinging to power, don’t expect people to believe BN is serious about change. What serious change?

It is shocking that two Cabinet Ministers dropped by the previous administration under Abdullah in his second Cabinet after the 2004 general election are “hot favourites” to be appointed into the Najib Cabinet. These purged corrupted souls, vetted to the dustbins are making their comebacks? How can BN under Najib convince Malaysians that his first Cabinet is a clean one when he could appoint as Ministers persons whom Abdullah had thrown out of the Cabinet because of their failure to pass Abdullah’s integrity test?

3. Looking at the vote tally, except in Batang Ai, Sarawak people are determined for change. If many concluded these voters voted against BN during the last general election to teach BN a lesson for being arrogant and corrupt, the results for the by elections held after GE in – total 5 where 4 bagged by Pakatan Rakyat shows that people are consistent and persistent in their message that they want to see the changes which have not been forthcoming.

4. MCA, MIC, Gerakan are rendered useless but they are still clamoring for ministerial positions. MCA wants a post for Chinese Deputy Prime Minister. What the hell? Wake up, it’s not about race. People want their leaders to be elected based on merits and intergrity.

5. What with the media spin, focusing on the win in Batang Ai and keep reaffirming themselves in denial that the result in Batang Ai shows that people still give their mandate to BN? Wake up. Stop living in denial. Winning Batang Ai where the voters only consist of 8000+ people and suddenly it’s something to be proud of?

I’ll stop with BN. It’s a gone case anyway, I don’t see them changing for better anytime soon. Just keep your eyes on the new cabinet line-up to be sure. Well, from the faces who secured their seats in Umno Supreme Council which pretty much determine the fate of Malaysia in reality, you know the concept of ‘change’ for BN is along the line of Samyvellu wanting to rebrand his party. You geddit?

Pakatan Rakyat, PR

1. Congratulations for the win. But, stil a lot of works to be done. Few things. It is quite obvious most of the problems in PR are from PKR. I still couldn’t comprehend the logic behind PKR’s choice of candidate for Batang Ai. PAS and DAP seem to have their act more together. PAS even managed to increase the support of Chinese voters in Bukit Gantang, where before, the non-Malays treated PAS like poison; now they have no qualms at all voting for this party, an unthinkable act just two years ago.

For Bukit Gantang by election, with a winning majority almost twice that of the previous one exactly a year later, this must be viewed as a damning referendum on Najib, Umno, BN and the government especially regarding the engineered BN takeover in Perak. There’s no other way about it.

2. I am disappointed with Anwar Ibrahim over his  many anti climax announcements. Can you please stop making premature announcements? If you have something big and real, keep it in wrap and do the ‘big’ announcement once and for all. There’s no need for “an announcement to announce another big announcement would be made. ” A bit stupid, really.

And what a childish, totally off statement about ballot boxes being thrown into the sea? Do the Math please, even if in the unlikely event all the ballots at the bottom of the sea is belong to PKR they still would not win. Me and some friends were discussing this and we all agree he should be a bigger man and say something along the line which Vijay put eloquently:

“I congratulate BN candidate Malcolm Mussen on his victory at Batang Ai, I also thank all our supporters and party workers at batang Ai for their efforts, We realize that we are a new comer to East Malaysian politics and have a lot to learn, nevertheless we will continue in our endeavor to get closer to the people and would work with any party BN included for the benefit of the people.

While I am pleased that we retained the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau seats, let it not go to our heads as much needs to be done to address the grouses of the people there be they BN or our own supporters, let us build bridges of understanding that unite us to fight the common enemy of the people which is the economic crisis that is looming large that affects us all regardless of our political affiliations

We all have a stake in this blessed country and there is far more that unites us than divides. Thank you.”

Anwar, you just missed a golden opportunity to stand out against the sulking BN who showed no humility.

3. Pakatan Rakyat must get their act together and come out with a Pakatan constitution, formal logo, shadow cabinet etc. in the view that it will be a possible choice of government in the next future. To be honest, plenty of works need to be done, especially to strengthen the cooperation and machinery of the coalition. I am still confused whether Pakatan Rakyat is ‘Anwar-centric’ or ‘Pakatan Rakyat-centric’. Is the coalition merely a tool for Anwar’s conquest for power or it a real alternative for Malaysians to choose and rely on, paving the way for a two-party system in this country?

4. For East Malaysia – Sabah and Sarawak, perhaps PKR should forget about making way into the states, but let the locals form their own opposition parties and be parts of Pakatan Rakyat.  I would say that’s the most effective and appropriate way to do it. Umno realises this long time ago, and if the locals accept ‘outsiders’, Umno would be the first to fly in. I can’t say the same for Sabah, though.

Problems with Sarawak (and PKR it seems like), there are many recyled opportunists, making a dash to join the opposition because they feel disgruntled or didn’t get their cuts, rather than really wanting to make a change. These individuals are the one that we should be wary with. So, do you think Anwar is a disgruntled politician? I have my opinions, I’ll share it after yours.

Last words, thank you Apanama and Samyvellu for helping out again with the win! A joke for the weekend – when your friends start to talking nonsense about fair, right and just in this country and you disagree, you should retort:

“What fair? Right? Just? What the heck are you talking about? The truth about fair and just in this country is just like Samyvellu’s left testicle. Never RIGHT. Never FAIR.”

ps: Going back hometown tonight!

pss: Psst.. latest news on Najib’s cabinet, check it out!

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