Unboxing the #N97minitrunk!

Finally, I got time to sit down and write a blog post! Huarghh!

Let’s get down to business. Last Sunday, with the help of my ‘trunk buddy’ – Comeez aka Pierce and friends, Myremi aka Rowena and another friend I couldn’t quite remember the name (Sorry, bad memory heh!) I arranged an impromptu session of ‘unboxing the #N97minitrunk that I received from WOMWorld Nokia.

We recorded the wholte #N97minitrunk unboxing process and the video still being edited. Too many craps in it, contributed by yours truly. I will post it up when it is ready, so you guys can have a chance to laugh at me making a fool of myself in the video. I have not look at the video, I hope I don’t sound funny…

Mission: Unboxing #N97minitrunk

Location: Comeez’s office meeting room.

Participants: Bongkersz, Comeez, Myremi and Miss ‘Forgotten Name’

The #N97minitrunk, darn it’s heavy!

Contents of the #N97minitrunk

That brownish thing is not someone’s crap. It’s a pinecone..

An envelope, quill pen, photo album, big ass calculator, stereo player, alarm clock, moleskin notebook, compass, tape recorder, old school address book, pinecone (?), disposable camera, gigantic snake and ladder board game.. and the N97mini of course!

Sweet! Love the orange against black, reddish brown colour combination. I passed the phone to Comeez, I have not try it, so cannot do a review yet. We shall wait….

Inside the envelope, a myriad of challenges.. and stickers!

A note from Nokia, explaining the #N97minitrunk challenges. All together 5 challenges. Winners (you and your trunk buddy) get themselves a N97 mini. Duh!

Challenge 1 – Trunk in action. I have submitted my entry titled – #N97trunkmini and Cherrie. Photos, maybe in the coming posts.. HAHA!

Challenge 3 – Music on the go. Together with Comeez, Myremi and our videowoman, we have created a video. Still under editing process. I can’t wait to see it myself..

Challenge 4 – Gaming. Now, I may need your help. Anyone of you in Kuching area who would like to join me and friends playing snakes and ladders board game? Exact time and location will be finalised soon. We need to create a video of crazy people, playing crazy game. Heard people at WOMWorld Nokia love to see those videos… ha! ha! ha!

Challenge 5 – Share your album. We have taken some photos with the disposable camera during the unboxing session. Have not figure out how to tackle this challenge. Ehe, that suggestion of ‘leave your album somewhere’ sounds a lot like what an employee of a fruity company did, recently.

ps: Which feature/function of the phone is represented by the pinecone? I have some ideas.. not going to say for now..

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6 Responses to “Unboxing the #N97minitrunk!”

  1. Mar wrote on May 4, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Sounds interesting this whole n97mini challenge. I gots to ask, HOW did u knw abt this challenge thingy anyhow?


    bongkersz Reply:

    @Mar, they sent it to me 😉 Because I’m awesome!! 😀


  2. melbie wrote on May 5, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Hope you’ll win the challenge, Bong! 🙂 So next time when we see each other, I can give it a try .. LOL! (apa punya kawan kan, mau wish pun ada ‘catch’ haha)


  3. Rodz wrote on May 6, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Wow! that’s a lot of thingy inside that trunk hehehe Gud luck bro!!


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