Stupid old fucks.

Some people are just so damn good at pulling things from their ass they should make a living out of the act, literally. They can come up with all kinda shit you would not imagine it is possible to begin with.

I have issues with old farts. Not so much the age but the way of thinking, the way of doing things. Old farts tend to be a little too sensitive, perceiving anyone and anything as a threat to their pathetic, shriveled and wrinkled physical life. Heck they’re the perfect poster boy for anything sensitive. Think of…. Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim. Ha! Ha! Ha! You would think that maybe for some people, when they are getting older some strange things happened to them, not in a very good way. They are so sensitive they are literally walking clitoris and you really do not want to get yourself wet walking in their path. Either that or their brain just turned into that elusive G-spot, because they do not use it that often anyway, pulling things from their ass all the time.


Old farts love to talk about respect. Being a fairly young guy (still), I get that shit a lot. “Hey you young punk, you are not showing me enough respect.” Or they would bitch to people that they cannot work with people that don’t show them respect. Respect my ass. Why? To them, everything you do or not doing is taken a sign of respect or disrespect.

Let me give you a scenario, it may or may not have anything to do with the living and dead people. Just a story.

Pretentious Old Fart told you that before you do anything in his ‘territory’, you have to inform, ask for his permission bla bla.. (as a sign of respect lah). Fair enough. So you would inform him, get his permission on all kind of shits you are going to do. Then somehow Pretentious Old Fart found it annoying that you have to go through him on all kind of shits before doings anything. So he told you in a very oldie-fartsy way, “Hey everything also you have to ask me ah? You think my managers are useless? This kind of small thing, unimportant crap you can get them to make decisions. I don’t want to know.” Fair enough. So you would make your own judgment from then, for small, unimportant shit you would go directly to his dogs managers/staffs, for big and sensitive thing you would go to him. Then one fine day, while you were doing ‘small, unimportant shit’ that should not be bothered by him, Pretentious Old Fart screamed over the phone, “Why you do things without telling me? Are you trying to be funny? You are not giving me enough respect. Bla bla bla.”

Either ways you are screwed. Follow his instruction to get him involved and he thinks that you are trying to be funny by getting him ‘too involved’ with your shits, he would go ape shit. Do not follow his instruction, you will definitely in deep shit. Try to follow his ad hoc instruction, weave to accommodate him, he is still going bat-shit crazy because he is sonofabitchmuthafuckacrazyasshole. Geddit?

For me, first and most important thing as a modern slave paid to do shit, I make sure I get the shit done. Respect, well that comes later, as I size you up whether you are to be treated with respect or not. The thing about respect, it is earned. Of course as young people, we are expected and taught to respect the elders which I refer as old farts in this post. I am not sure for what basis but I think we should respect people. Not some discriminating ageism crap from some old farts.

And I respect people looking at how they do things. How they carry themselves. I am pretty sure that generally, I have good social skills, meaning I know my shit around people. I do not go around with this weird new age thinking or mantra that I will do my things and while in the process I hope to offend as many pathetic, easily offended sensitive souls.

I think most of the disagreements and conflicts I had with some old farts were due to the same stupid reason humans are still fighting and killing each other to this day – power. Not that physic power lah, the power associated with authority, the measured ability to control one’s environment, and behaviour of other entities. And the study of power in a society is referred to as…. politics, my friends. Politics. Not a new conflict, always we have new ideas (often associated with young punks) vs old ideas (perpetuated by old farts). Just look at this country, especially in Sarawak. Both sides of the divide have this problem.

Put it this way, I would not have problem with any old fart if they are accommodating and bestow the same respect and trust for little shit like me, which they are dying for. It works both ways. And so far, I think old farts around me are the ones who always find faults, trying to make my life difficult just because they feel that I have not accorded them enough respect. Yeah, let’s teach that little shit some lessons. And just to make it clear, so far I only consistently have issues with certain people and they tend to belong to that old farts club. So I made my reference from there.You old fart reading this, please do not get offended. Not everything is about you, old fuck.


Ah, I better stop here before I sound like an old fart.

p/s I hope I would not be the kind of old fart I hate when I am officially an old fart, physically. You readers have the divine duty to whack me into sense should that happen, then.

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5 Responses to “Stupid old fucks.”

  1. atreyu strange wrote on Mar 8, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Used to be mentally abused with the word respect. But now that we’re all grown ups, I say respect is to be earned. I don’t care anymore whether how big or little you are.


    bongkersz Reply:

    @atreyu strange, respect is to be earned. remember that.


  2. zewt wrote on Mar 20, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    WTF… you have a Singaporelovelinks.com add in your blog! hahahahaha


    bongkersz Reply:

    where??? what is that?/!


    bongkersz Reply:

    ok I googled it hahaahahahahaahahaha! random advert what….


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