I guess you guys should know already what happened yesterday in the city. Oh you don’t? Go and read some news you ignorant farker! Yesterday, the Hindraf rally was held in front of the British High Commission building. Well, they never really reach the place because they were assaulted and blocked with tear gasses, water cannon, chemical laced water. Pretty much like the BERSIH march on Nov 10. But from what I saw in the news, this time it was pretty bad. The police acted with force, spraying the crowd with chemical laced water, shooting canisters of tear gas to the crowd.

Why the government choose the hard way out? Just let them gather peacefully, submit whatever memorandum they want and ensure the safety with the help of police, RELA or whatever enforcement units. But they choose to act with force, asking the crowd to disperse and when they didn’t do that, they provoked them with tear gasses, water cannons, etc. What supposed to be and will be a peaceful gathering turned into chaos. It is very wrong to say every demonstration will end up in violence, riots. If there is no provocation from both sides, how it will turn violent? And to think of the reason given by some dumbass politicians, that they scared of any demonstration or gathering will cause riots, disrupt the peace and incite racial disharmony, why should them? It depends very much on how the government handle it. Sending in FRU, attacking the crowd to force them to disperse that is very dumb and stupid way of handling this crowd. Let them walk, what harm they can do? Why in other countries, people can gather peacefully, march safely but not in Malaysia? Are we so dumb and politically immature to do that?

The logic behind the reason the police reject the permit for a gathering or rally always crack me up. It is downright bias. What are the reasons given? The standard one will be, causing disturbance, not a safe place to held a gathering, will disrupt traffic and bla bla bla.. What they are trying to say, they are basically not able to provide peace and safety to the crowd if they gather? What we need the police for? If the place is not safe, not appropriate sure there are ways to overcome that. If the police fear of riots, violence to happen, be there, monitor the crowd. Not shooting at the crowd, or busy making roadblocks which jam the already farking congested road.

The local dailies and electronic medias reported that many police officers were injured because of the clash during the Hindraf rally, how many businesses were closed down, how this give Malaysia a bad name, bad image, and if you read the news during BERSIH rally, a group of traders even gathered and voiced their unhappiness over the lose of income. Well, all this will not happen if the government allow people to gather peacefully, and monitor them as they demonstrate. How hard is that? It is no difference with monitoring a stadium full of people rocking to a music band no? Imagine these rallies were given police permit, the FRU, police and other enforcement units monitor the rallies as they go on. Do you think all this will happen? Just look at other countries. I believe Malaysians in general will never resort to violence under normal condition. We are generally good citizen, and who so stupid to incite fights which will endanger their own life? Check out the videos for yourself, browse Youtube, or watch even TV3, RTM1 and 2, see for yourself, do you see the crowd went berserk, amok against the police or FRUs? Most of the time, they are the one running away, saving their ass from tear gasses and water cannons. If they really violent people and they are out there with the intention to incite fights, do you think 10,000-20,000 people against few thousands or hundreds FRUs and police will be enough to stop them?

I am so sad reading and watching the local news nowadays. It is farking bias. Yesterday, they showed repeatedly photos, image of police officers injured in the ‘clash’. How about the civilian in the crowd? I am sure some suffered injuries, difficulties in breathing, maybe some ashmatic among the crowd, some maybe trampled when running from the water cannon, some beaten by the police and FRU, how about them? Don’t just report story from one side and ignore the rest.

I am tired of all this. I shouldn’t give a damn about all this, I should go with the principle of as long as I can cari makan, then it is ok, fark the rest. But that’s not me. I believe things will change for better. So I will not stop. Fark me if you want 🙂

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