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I laughed my ass off when I read that Isa Samad was named as BN’s candidate for upcoming Bagan Pinang by-election. Is it Umno so devoid of good candidates that it needs to put a recycled thrash for contest? Funny how BN apologists started the battle by defending its candidate credibility at the word ‘go!’.

Predictably, just like how they usually do whenever people question or criticize any decision made by BN, they would use the idiom ‘pot calling kettle black’ on the person by pointing out incidencies where similar decisions were made by BN’s political enemies (in this case, PR) in order to justify BN’s action for doing so.

For this, they would always assume the critics are speaking on behalf of the other party (in this case, PR) and supporting the past actions taken by PR (which was pointed out to justify BN’s decision) So how BN people defended their party action for nominating Isa as the candidate for the Bagan Pinang by election?

By pointing out that PR accepted Zaid Ibrahim who was also found guilty together with Isa Samad by Umno Diciplinary Board for involving in money politics. Their reason is, if people can accept Zaid Ibrahim (especially PR supporters), why not Isa Samad? Their reason, both were found guilty for the same offence.

Zaid was found guilty and given warning but he lashed out at the Disciplinary Boardfor its decision and he earned a suspension for doing that. Yes, he was suspended for criticising the Board in the media. Not for money politics. (I hate the term ‘money politics’. Bribery is bribery. What money politics? Ah, that was the my idealist doppel ganger speaking out.) Pak Lah then called him back to be the Law Minister and the rest is history. So, why he was not sentenced? Not enough evidence? Interesting to note that Umno Youth Chief was also given a warning for the same offense as Zaid Ibrahim last year before he won his position now in the party election.

Isa Samad was found guilty for money politics and sentenced to 6 years suspension which was then reduced to only 3 years for reasons only Umno knows.  Isa quietly accepted his fate, while Zaid made a big noise over it, he even challenged the board to prove the allegation. Berani kerana besar, takut kerana salah, anyone?

Clearly, we can see how Isa and Zaid Ibrahim ‘earned’ their suspensions from Umno. One for criticizing the Discplinary Board for issuing a warning for his offense and another one for being found guilty and probably with more evidences too since not a warning but a sentence was given. Hey, I’m quite good at spinning lol!

Putting all the arguments on who is more guilty and who’s not aside, the only question Umno needs to answer is: Is there no other better candidate to offer but Isa Samad? Someone with a better background (although this task, for Umno is like finding a needle in haystacks) and credibility? After all it is a strong seat for Umno and with 5000 postal votes ehem, according to political gossips mill are secured, so why not try to do the right thing for once?

Maybe Umno has become so desperate to win that it has no qualm to compromise everything. Just imagine, Hishammuddin the Home Minister which is also one of the Umno Supreme Council member could come up with things like. ‘Halal guilt and haram guilt’. What the fuck is kosher guilt and sinful guilt? I don’t know.  Then, another idiot who I forgot the name said choosing Isa as a candidate is a “necessary compromise”.

Ok, that’s enough craps from Umno or else some of my Umno friends reading this may think I am so much in love with Umno and that’s I can’t stop talking about it. An analogy given to me by a friend is that his father hates him smoking, so the father keep on nagging and telling him to stop smoking, for one and only reason – out of fatherly love. I replied, “Well your father probably wanted to say you’re an idiot for killing yourself slowly but decided not to say because because it would be reflected on him. Saying your son is stupid, is as you’re telling the world you don’t know how to teach your son.” Ehe!

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ps: Going to Kuching tomorrow for PTD test on Saturday 😉 Don’t laugh, I’ll choke slam you.

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  1. zewt wrote on Oct 2, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    PR will lose, becos PKR is a moron by fielding a candidate.


    bongkersz Reply:

    @zewt, tired lah. aren’t you 😉


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