Sap-rais that #yorais made it to the Twitter Trending Topics!

It was a normal routine, me poking fun at political dinosaurs, weird-stupid-ridiculous statements and news happening in Malaysia…

Just like the other day, I was tweeting away on #themissingrmafengine, #bendera, #hamsoR, #BImoviesinBM, #dinorais, #easilyconfused, #jibby, #macha etc. There are few regulars who would contribute to the ‘topic of the day’ – @kavilan, @anthraxxxx, @Asohan, @CKGord, @Aisehman, @stephendoss, @altimet, @victorliew, @plenteh – just to name few. What else to keep us entertained on any boring working day but some good laughs, right? Let’s worry about the work productivity later..

“Saya kata jangan….”

Rais Yatim has been consistently making headlines for the wrong reasons and his recent remark on social medias – Facebook and Twitter is just too juicy to bite on. Malaysian tweeple have been tweeting about Rais Yatim and his culturedly ancient views for the past few days, and #dinorais was used to refer to tweets about him.

Well, probably it was not catchy enough but yesterday, after I sent out a tweet with the hashtag #yorais, Malaysian tweeple went amok and the rest is history.

The first #yorais tweet

Few trivias on #yorais

1. Rais Yatim doesn’t have a Twitter account, yet his name made it to the top 3 Twitter trending topics.

2. Rais Yatim is probably right that Malaysians are too immersed with Facebook and Twitter lol. Either that or Malaysians love him to bits…

3. #yorais is a parody of the famous Yo Momma jokes, but creative tweeple came up with various versions of it – your eyes, you raise, your ass, nyior ais (iced nyior :P) – making fun of the pronunciation along the way. The funniest one must be by @duuuhvina : ♫ #yorais me up, so i can stand on mountains ♫

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For more #yorais stories, Google it up!

ps: I’m not sure whether #yorais making it to the Twitter trending topics is actually a good thing or not, since we are exhibiting our lame duck, backward and out of touch with reality Information Minister for the whole world to see. *weak smile* Good thing is, it unites Malaysians in a perverse kind of way…

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9 Responses to “Sap-rais that #yorais made it to the Twitter Trending Topics!”

  1. pilocarpine wrote on Jan 20, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    my fav.
    rais so ancient, when he farts, it was the Big Bang.


  2. EVo wrote on Jan 23, 2010 at 2:44 am

    Whoa. thanks for the link up there bro! u da man. ‘yo’! 😀


  3. eyra wrote on Jan 25, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    THUMBS up~


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