Rude policeman stopped young harmless lady driver at a quiet housing area

Let me share a little story of what happened to a young lady driver recently. She had a traumatic encounter with a ‘man in blue uniform‘ and she wrote about the incident on Facebook. I saw the video and after reading the short note accompanying the video, I messaged her asking for more details of what happened, which she kindly replied. This is her recount of what happened that day – :

I was using Middle Ring road and take the exit at USJ. While turning to Taipan, I already see this policeman were tailing me left and right. We stopped at the traffic light before the housing area before the mosque. I have my safety belt buckled, my handsfree are hooked on my cell. I am all obeying the traffic law. So I wasn’t paying much attention to him. There were many other cars stopped at the same traffic light as usual. When the traffic light turned green, he slow down to my driver window and signal me to pull my car aside.

I was surprised when he signal me to pull my car into the neighbourhood where there’s no car turning in or out from. It is unusual that a policeman will do that. I get suspicious for his intention. I wind down my window just enough for conversation but he can’t put his hands in. I asked did I did anything wrong. He said nothing, he was just checking. (at this time he already was staring inside my car, and I saw his eyes watching at my legs (where my cell lay), I was wearing a knee-length tight skirt with a small open-cut at my left leg) Suspiciously I hand my license for him. But he requested my ID. (while he was staring at my road tax, which nothing was wrong) I gave him my ID.

Then, he told me to come down from my car as he wants to check my car boot. I had this very bad feeling and I started panic. After he checked my car boot and couldn’t find anything. I requested my ID and license back. I demand to write down his batch ID and his name. I explained that I have the right to write down his ID and check with the police station if he is a real police. He got offended and said that he is on his uniform, it showed that he is a REAL police. I look at him with doubt and he started to get offensive. He requested my ID and license again and I keep a distant from him and starting to take video from my cell (which is the clip you see now).

During the conversation, he kept saying that he did nothing wrong and he has the authority to stop any car he think is suspicious and perform a check. BUT, if he is performing his duty, why should him pick a single lady driver and pull her car at such a quiet neighbourhood? I never experienced a traffic police requested a lady to step down from her car and wanted to check her car bonnet. I never see any traffic police stop a lady and do these even along roadside. I’ve got panicked.

(That was the whole of the video shown)

During the conversation, he said that I am rude and he can lock me up if he wants to. He also threatened me that he can write down my car plate number and pull my car any time. I repeated my thought and tell him that I was performing my RIGHT and he should have shown me his batch before all these happened. (but I doubt that I could recognize a real batch)

I guess he saw that I was taking video and after the conversation he ride on his bike and get off.

That is the end.

Is it just me alone that think our men in blue should be more polite and courteous when dealing with civilians? After all, we are the taxpayers and we do pay their salary. In the video above, apart from learning how to properly address a civilian in his official capacity, the policeman should learn how to talk to a lady as well. Now, do we want angry people taking care of our safety? Well, I guess it is of no surprise that some of  policemen behaviours are reflections of how their superiors actually do. You know, leading by example. I am referring to this.

What was he doing, walking around shouting, screaming his head off like there’s no tomorrow? It’s more like the acts of a kid losing his temper over something stupid. What an embarassment. If this is how he treats normal citizens, I don’t want to think what will be the fate of the criminals in his hands.

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5 Responses to “Rude policeman stopped young harmless lady driver at a quiet housing area”

  1. EP wrote on Sep 19, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    the police is sex maniac ..he just wanna see how sexy is her leg and body ..


  2. Rainydays wrote on Oct 3, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    In the end, after the incident, did you log a complaint about them? Really malaysia police, especially those malay malaysia police seriously are nonsense. They just like to threaten and as they like to catch people and take them back to the police station. I really think this is not fair. Recently, when I went to Malaysia, I was being hand cuff and bring pack by force to the police station. As they said I do not have my passport with me. Fact is that my friend went back to the hotel and take the passport and rush back to show it to them. They claim that it was too late. They are being unreasonable. And drag me to the police station. At the police station there is a man shout towards my face loudly at me and using malay language. They also always say they have the right to lock me up for 1 month or so. Now my hands are all blue black with scar as a result for the hand cuff. And did you all realize, that the media is always there when things happen. I think they did it on purpose. To prove that they did do their job! Is this how malaysia is? There is no way to stop this kind if things from happening?


    Dean Reply:

    @Rainydays, go fuck yourself you fucking Chinese immigrant. Go back to china with take your Jew minded mind with you


  3. hafiz wrote on Apr 11, 2011 at 3:39 am

    its normal for police to do the check….ur lucky girl…if in others i believe they will tazer u lol….


  4. hafiz wrote on Apr 11, 2011 at 3:42 am

    where is the hell is chinese police man lol?


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