Here are some photos from my outing with my ex-kolej Bujang friends 😀 Alone at home, Cibol called me to meet up at 1 Utama, spent the evening there, having some food at Secret Recipe (why the  BBQ  Grilled Chicken tasted more like Sweet and Sour Grilled Chicken??) From there we proceed to Sungei Wang..to meet up with another friend. Dayang Emiza, but too bad I left before she turned up. Sorry Dayang, maybe another time 😛

Sexy Machine - Honda's Booth At 1 Utama








Sexy Machine At Honda’s Booth, 1 Utama

Sexy Machine vs Sexy Ladies

Sexy Machine vs Sexy Ladies


  Jaq having her drink


Cibol pretended he’s cute, ceh!


Sam control handsome


Jolene pose to kill (Em.. during secondary school time I think I talked to her less than 5 times?)


The Man 😀

 That’s it. Most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (correct spelling no?) Write in to say hi bwahahahahaha~! Will post other photos other time 🙂



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