Open Letter to Najib – Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

You guys want to apply for scholarship from Najib, our ever helpful DPM? A friend of mine after reading in mainstream media that DPM’s office is helping students with their scholarship was ecstatic and after few drinks of whiskey he produced these letters to apply for the scholarship from our magnanimous leader.  This is just a too good an opportunity to miss!! I hope Mr. Najib will help my poor friend. We are your fans, Datuk!!

Dear Mr Najib,

I’m writing in to apply for a scholarship to become a pilot. I’m currently 29 years old – too old for Malaysian Airlines to take me in their cadet pilot training course, have a perfect 20-20 vision, and recently found out that there’s a flying academy in Kelantan that offers a course for pilot wannabees. Here’s what it looks like:

Flight training: An aerial view of the flying school which I would like to apply to. If I actually become a pilot, I’ll take more pictures to be submitted to Thestar….which has this picture for some strange reason.

Mr Najib, I have to mention however, that I went to a local university, and I actually completed the course – obtained a degree – CGPA > 3.00 (2nd Class Upper Hons).

Although I realise that I may be a bit overqualified to receive a government scholarship, I seriously hope you’ll consider my application. If you’re free, I’ll even drop by your office and meet you in person. Since I heard that’s the way you give out scholarships these days. Thank you Mr Najib.



…..oh no, as bad as my english is…..it may be a bit too good ….considering the fact i went to a local uni……and….shit…i passed my exams…….not a good thing….let me try again.


Dear Mr Najib,

I am written in to application for a scholarships. I liking to become a pilot. I like to fly high like an eagle.

I no go university yet, but i plan on going, and failing. But, before i failing, i will taking part in student activities. I will become student head, and will taking foto with many many leaders. I will taking that fotos, and put in my resume. Lagi lawak la beb resume ku nanti (sorry, don’t know words lawak & beb in english)

Thanks you Najib. I get the scholarship, gua caya sama lu la.



damn….too crude….if i were najib, i’ll just through the letter out the window………. let me try again.


Dear Mr Najib,

I’m writing in to apply for a scholarship to become a pilot. I’m currently 29 years old…………………..
Heck…Mr Najib, why on earth am I writing in to you for a scholarship? …. shouldn’t I be writing in to the Education Minister?….after all…this is a scholarship to pursue my education…..Hmmm…let me think….you’re also the defence minister….maybe…just MAYBE…… I’m writing in to you to join the Malaysian Air Force…. oh what the heck,……let me just compose another mail.

Dear Mr Najib,I’m writing in to join the army……….

Good god…am I out of my mind????


Dear Mr Najib,

How are you doing?…..I’m doing alrite….how’s the wife doing?..heard she’s in bit of trouble with some bald dude from Selangor. Come on la Najib…what are you waiting for?….just take some C4….blast that fella la……aiyooo…i tell you ah…..sometimes….you a bit silly also la……you let this fella run freely…you’re screwed i tell you. The Malays have a saying for this….. As smart smart as a squirrel jumps, it falls to the ground also in the end. If you don’t want to fall to the ground… i suggest you get the CCCC out.

I was thinking of getting a scholarship from you…but….i think i’m quite comfortable in my house right now, don’t need one for now.

Have fun Mr Najib!

Oh yea…and by the way……..one person by the name of Bong has more fans than you on facebook…..I think you should do something about it…after all, you guys managed to bring down Malaysia Today, rite?



(Lifted from Durvan’s Notes)
My friend is very generous, he is not charging anything for the reproduction of the letters. You can plagiarise it, recycle it.. do what ever you want. If you are generous enough, just buy him some beers. :arrow:

ps: Durvan dude, I want to apply for the scholarship also. I want to be a lawyer so I can sue some people and protect my backside. Eh, why you haven’t join Najib’s fan group in Facebook? Oh, do not forget to take some photos while you at the office yeah? As a ‘record’ of your visit mah!

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  1. n305er wrote on Jul 3, 2008 at 10:37 am

    2 thumbs up!
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  2. bongkersz wrote on Jul 3, 2008 at 10:39 am

    thumbs up to the guy that wrote this.. :up: :up: :up: ➡


  3. anucia wrote on Jul 3, 2008 at 11:27 am

    hahahha…this is indeed a good one!


  4. d_sticks wrote on Jul 3, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    hahaha…bong..thanks for putting it up!



  5. bongkersz wrote on Jul 4, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    no problem bro. good stuffs.. must share!


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