I got this from AloneinHome.com. He didn’t tag me but I love this tag so I do it! (edited a bit)


1) 5 bad habits when you were in your school days

* Reading comics in class, especially during Moral and BM classes. How to do it without getting caught? Put your comics in the desk, sit with your back rested on the chair, slightly away from the table and don’t sit straight. Sit like a lazy bum without backbone haha! Then, don’t get too absorbed in your reading, do it casually so the teacher will not notice 😛 I never get caught meh!

* Woke up late, missed my breakfast at the dining hall. (Bad habit, because until today I seldom take breakfast and I am okay with that) Then, late to class, always ended up standing in middle of the field while other students were standing in front of their class when the national and state anthem were playing. Kinda embarrassing when everybody can see you standing at the field from their class, but after a while I got used to it because I had some buddies to join me on the field hehe.. always those same faces.. late risers.

* Another ‘hobby’.  I loved to ‘parade’ to toilet together with bunch of friends from my class and other classes during while waiting for the next subject’s teacher to come in. Saja jalan-jalan.. walked really slow in big group.. checking out girls from other classes.. (ocassionally nudged my friends.. “there.. there!” :D)

* Sleeping at hostel in the afternoon when it was supposed to be prep time. During our time, I think afternoon prep was not successful at all, nobody bothered to turn up.

* Er.. ‘melocok’? (you find out the meaning yourself.. HAHAHA!) It has to do with being young and horny..

2) 3 of your favorite subjects.. why?

* English  – hmm.. I think it was because of the English teacher. She was awesome! she sort of sparked my interest to read English books, before that I rarely read English books, only Malay. I was in Form 4 at that time.

* BM  – Form 4-5. For obvious reason.. I can read comics during the class.. hehe. Well the BM teacher always just sit at his table and did his teaching from there haha! He never walked around the class, good for us comic junkies. Wait, favorite subject supposed to be something good, value added lol. Skip this.

*Maths – Form 2-5. I love Maths. Easy to score, the teacher is a good and nice person, she taught me many valuable lessons other than Maths. I remember the teacher always showing her enthusiastic side to teach us, making jokes and gave us enough Maths exercise to do, not too many or too little.

She used to joke ‘You people are lucky you are not in Cikgu XXX class” Well, the other Math teacher was infamous for her tons of homework. Her motto is ‘Maths, want to score must do many many many many many many exercise. Good!’ which is true but you know lah.. students never understand the reason, they take it as torture. HAHA!

* Science – When I was Form 2-3. I love the way the teacher taught the subject, making it interesting for us. We get to watch videos. (Big deals weh for us that time… now I know he took it from Discovery Channel haha!)

3) 3 subjects that you dislike.. why?

* Pendidikan Moral – Form 4 -5. No point studying the subject, we always end up doing nothing, lazying around. Many times, the teacher didn’t show up  but that’s a good thing for students no? Time to read more comics.

* History  – Form 1. We called the teacher Mr. Preston. It’s one of the reference books publishing company name. He always recommended the reference book from this particular company. Quoting him – “Kamu semua kena beli buku rujukan ini. Beli yang Preston. Jangan beli yang lain. Beli Preston.”

His class was boring, sleep inducing. He asked us to write notes, which was basically copy paste from the reference book. I was lazy and I rarely copied down his notes. So one day he wanted to check our note book and no way I could make it in time to submit in so I went to photostate the pages from the reference book and pasted it in my note book. Damn, I was smart!! HAHAHA! (Well he didn’t say anything but wrote some incorrigible remarks in my note book)

* BM – Form 5. Yes, I should put BM here. I hate it because the teacher made us failed the subject most of the time. I never fail the subject but I never get higher than C3 during his class and that’s the highest mark already for the class. (Allow me to brag a bit la…)

Most of the time, only 2-3 students get good grade (which in this case only C3-C6). He was always missing from the class LOL! Anyway to be fair he did a good job and I credited my BM to him. Oh yea, his classes always score the best during public exam, passing with colourful grade, just he’s bit stingy with giving marks during normal school exams.

ps: I just notice subjects that I used to like and hate, has a lot to do with the teacher teaching the subject. Hmm…

4) Interesting About Me

* One of those ‘senior yang digeruni sebab muka serious jak!’ – quoting a junior.. (Let’s see if she read this and leave a comment :P)

* I was the hostel barber aka hair stylist, very much in demand at that time because ehem.. I was the best?? HAHAHA!

* I was one of the burger boys. We made burgers at warden’s house and sold it after night prep time. Rewarded with free burgers and early off from night prep hehe..

5) I used to love..

* Holidays!! I could go back hometown, which is an 8 hours journey.

* Weekends.. It’s outing time, I could go to the town yeay!.. (5km away) and loitering around 😛 (er.. 1st stop, Wisma Pelita – went to comic stores)

6) I couldn’t live without..

* Comics/manga. I was a comic junkie. You name it. Alam Perwira, Dewata Raya, Pedang Setiawan, Raja Rimba, Jengking Merah, Tornado 13, Pendekar Laut, Wira Tunggal, GTO, Yuyu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Penyiasat Remaja, Conan, Johan Bolasepak.. well I lost track.. too many.. (yeah.. I can’t read Chinese, my comics all in Malay)

7) Who did you call before you sleep at night?

* No mobile phones during my time. At that time, my house didn’t have phone so I seldom called home. Em, I called up ‘day scholars’ (term for those not staying in hostel) girls using the public phone, and ehem.. chit chatted 😛  Used to hog the phone until we had nothing to talk about or until the next bugger showed his/her impatience face. We ‘hacked’ the public phone so we could use it for free. Yes, we used to call for free for long hours.. well now with improved technology I don’t think you can do that anymore. It’s been a long time since I tried to call for free using public phones.. Probably next time I share the stories.


I seldom tag people, so this is my time nyahahahahaha! I tag those hostel boys I know because they sure have many stories to tell – Cibol, Life4Hire, Noktah Hitam, my friends and juniors back then at school – ZsaZsa, Nono, Patt, Alvin, em should I tag Suituapui? He’s from another era, sure interesting so yes Suituapui you are tagged!! (Ehem.. time to write a post which is not food related lah! Who complained I only write about politics last time? :P), Archie for tagging me many times so this is a payback!, Danielliew – you tagged me before also right???

Ah, make it easy, anyone of you reading this and think it is a fun tag to do, go and do it. I would love to read your stories..

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