Interesting question on Twitter today.

“Would you give up your right to think and speak just for the sake of not offending people who seem to get offended at everything?”

No. I will not give up my right to think, speak and do for anything. For those are what define me as a person. What I think, what I speak and what I do. We cannot convince everyone or make everyone accept anything that we say especially when it comes to opinions. Facts? Well facts don’t change. Opinion can change. You can have your opinion one day and another the next day, depending on the subject and the timing. Opinions cannot be rely on, it must be tested with truth. Don’t confuse facts with opinions.

“In scientific reasoning, something can only be called a fact when it can be observed as it occurs or as a state of being, or when it can be proven through experimentation. Experiments must be repeatable, and return the same result no matter who the observer is.”

I have always been interested with the issues of current affairs and voicing my opinions about anything that catches my attention. No, it’s not because I am considering a career change in the future to be a Yang Berhormat. Anyway, I find it funny (or annoying depending on my mood when the question is posed) that people seems to equate being politically aware and paying attention to what is happening in the country as harbouring political aspirations.  That seems to be the most sensible explanation for your political activism or ‘kepohness‘.

Perhaps they pose similar questions to their friends every time their friends talk about  mobile phones, (“You want to sell mobile phones ah one day?), food (You want to be a chef ah? ), songs (You want to be the next Justin Bieber eh?), or pets (You are into animals????)

Not because of I think that I can directly change everything by making noise. But I’d also like to believe that people  will somehow listen to you if you make it loud and clear to them that you want them to listen. They cannot ignore you forever, eh?

In the context of a citizen and nation, it is important to take up the responsibility as a good and proud citizen of this country to make your concerns about the happenings of this country known, regardless of who is running it, because this is your home. So, yes that making your voice heard loud and clear, matters.

We should always make our voice heard, loud and clear. Do it now, while they still allow us to have a voice, that is. Think about it.

ps:  Some of the lines in this post, I have used it in an article I wrote for R.A.G.E before. Just felt like writing, and I need something as a basis to write. Recycle-lah!

pss: “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.” Don’t laugh.


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