Move aside Lingam, make a place for Rosnani Ibrahim!

It is a contest. Malaysians are topping each other with who can come up with the best joke of the day. Or best joke of the week. Or best joke of the month. Or best joke of the year. Or all time freaking-funny-toppin-nothing-can-beat-this joke.

Lingam is history. His famous, quite retarded yet catchy phrase of ‘looks like me, sounds like me, it doesn’t mean it is me!’ is a stale joke now. We have a new one now.

Move aside Lingam, here comes Rosnani Ibrahim!

It’s not haze that you see


KUALA LUMPUR: It just looks hazy, but there’s no haze in Malaysia at the moment, according to the director-general of Environment, Datuk Rosnani Ibarahim.

“Since it is the dry season now, the air becomes dry and hazy but it doesn’t mean that haze is coming back,” she said.

Rosnani advised the public to refrain from all open burning because the fire would spread fast in the dry season. Rosnani said so far there were fewer than 10 hot spots in the country. — Bernama

It smells like haze, looks like haze but it is not haze. It must be shit then. Not mine, so you go figure.

ps: Okay I was slow. Just read about the news from a friend’s Facebook status which led me to Niamah! Still fun to blog about it though.

pss: It is hazy in my new place – Permyjaya. But now I am not sure if it is haze. Could it be birds’ shits flying around that smell like haze and look like haze? I am confused.

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