Maybe tonight.. just tell me where and when..

I was chatting and listening to some songs on Yahoo Launchcast last night. Then I heard this song…

I can watch this all day….

When I first heard of her voice, without checking the song title and artist I thought.. “Ugh.. Amy Winehouse. Nice song. Nice voice. Fugly hair. Fugly tattoos. Fugly face. Fugly body.” WTF gossip tabloids want to write or tell something like ‘Amy Winehouse gets naked?’ Anybody wants to see? Ugh! I saw the news on ‘Today’ panel when I logged in to my MSN and NO! I didn’t check it out.

Well, she’s not Amy Winehouse because Amy Winehouse does not look that good. Har! Har! Har! Her name is Nicole Atkins. According to Wikipedia:

Nicole Atkins (born October 1, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter best known for her work with the band Nicole Atkins & the Sea. Her sound is known for its mix of traditional vocal styles and introspective lyrics. She has been compared to Roy Orbison and singers from the Brill Building era, as well as more contemporary artists like Jenny Lewis. Atkins has called her work “pop-noir.”

I was busy checking out her videos on YouTube this morning. I love her voice, a lot!

Maybe Tonight (again!! :P)

The Way It Is

Neptune City

Nicole, let me your sea.. I’ll drown you with my love, just sing for me, ah!

ps: Two things about the ladies that I always pay attention to. Voice. Smell. Whiff of love.. scent and attraction definitely works on me. Hmm, I found out that I love the smell of Escada perfumes, because I ever asked few girls that smells good to me (this sound so wrong.. erk!), what perfume they are wearing, and  most of the time, the answer is Escada. :oops: :oops:

pss: So if you are not confident with your look, smells good will do. Bind my eyes.. :razz:

psss: No NH, you still cannot have MD. Mine. All mine.

pssss: Have a blast partying tonight, party animals! Have a wonderful weekend, friends and foes! :up:

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