Malaysian Association of Corrupted Crooks (MACC) specialises in torture?

From Elizabeth Wong’s twitter

#Tan who was also interrogated by MACC tells what happened at PC. 30 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

#Tan – taken to room with no light for interrogation. Was asked abt flags. MACC almost like forcing him to admit. 25 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

#One MACC officer shouted at Tan, “u believe it not, this is our place. We will beat you!”. Tan was forced to stand 4 hrs.  23 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

#Tan was shouted at by MACC officer, “U dtg dari cina ah? U tak boleh cakap melayu?”. 22 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

#2 permanent interrogators. Outside MACC officers playing pingpong and laughing, repeating Tan’s answers. They also shouted “Cina bodoh!” 20 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

#MACC also threatened to take Tan’s wife in and leave their children alone at home. 19 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

#what has been revealed by Tan, MACC specialises in torture. MFbastards. Don’t let Teoh die in vain. 15 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Now, compare these statements with what written by RPK today: The writing was already on the wall long ago.

Eeriely similar.

Are you scared now? Let’s have a laugh. This is a joke from a twitter friend, but I find it hard to laugh.

Police/MACC : Mr X, can you please come in, we would like to interview to help out with an investigation?

Mr X: Is that a death threat?

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