Lipstick & High Heels Turn Master of Puppets On

Last month, we have weirdos saying uniform worn by girls at government schools encouraged rape and pre-marital sex. To quote the ‘concerned’ citizen:

“The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,”

“This could see them getting molested, having premarital sex and all sorts of things.”

I blogged about it here.

Today, we have a municipal council banning lipstick and high heels at work for the same stupid noble reason – to prevent incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women.KB council bans lipstick, high heels


KOTA BARU: Muslim women employees working here are forbidden to wear lipstick and high-heeled shoes to work.

This directive is contained in a municipal council circular dated May 25 and signed by its president Shafie Ismail, which has been distributed to business premises here.

A check, however, found that only a few tenants had received the circular this week.

The circular stated that the directive, targeted at Muslim women employees working in food outlets and other business premises, was issued to prevent incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women in Kelantan.

It stated that Muslim women were forbidden to wear thick make-up, bright coloured lipstick and high-heeled shoes which made a tapping sound.

Those who insisted on wearing high-heeled shoes should choose those with rubber soles.

Attempts to contact Shafie for clarification were futile.

The directive on the wearing of lipstick and high-heeled shoes are in addition to the wearing of scarves, which should cover the chest and not be of transparent material, blouses with long sleeves, which were long and loose, as well as socks.

Those who do not adhere to the regulation can be fined up to RM500. – Bernama

(source: The Star Online)


They never get it huh? Always ‘blame’ the women. Tell them to cover up, make themselves fugly so they are ‘safe’ from being potential victims of rape. Now may I ask horny men out there:

Do you get horny, looking at women wearing lipstick or high heel? Do you get aroused hearing the tapping sound made by high-heeled shoes?

Do you have a sudden excessive increase of blood flow to your lower abdominal area region to unleash the highly venomous spitting snake that you must forcefully use it to attack women in the lower abdominal area?

Are you such a wimp that you cannot control your libido?

Be a master of your own ‘thing’. Just ‘beat it’ to death lah!!!!!!!!! Strangle it! :arrow: For a start, tell your snake to listen to Master of Puppets. :up:

~Obey your master!  ~~Master!!

Metallica: Master of Puppets

ps: fugly – farking ugly :roll:

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No Responses to “Lipstick & High Heels Turn Master of Puppets On”

  1. angeles wrote on Jun 24, 2008 at 11:48 am

    So my dear Master… what turns you on? :kiss:


  2. nicktay wrote on Jun 24, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Its scary what level of stupidity is out there…sigh


  3. Ashleigh wrote on Jun 24, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    :vangry: How about instead of restricting the women’s workwear, castrating all the men working or just plain lazing around in the vicinity?

    I mean, if their interest is REALLY “to prevent incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women”.

    After all, it’s all for the sake of the women. :vangry:


  4. ahmog wrote on Jun 24, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Simplest rule for the “ever pure” municipal council:

    -Women can be seen outside during the day.
    -Men can only be seen outside during the night.

    Anyone violating this rule is sentenced to castration or forced gender change.

    Gay men and women can be easily spotted and dealt with this way too.


  5. melbie wrote on Jun 25, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    Tapping sound of high heels makes them horny?? Probably the one who thought about this ‘reason’ feels that way?? What a sick person! Why doesn’t they get excited over the sound of hammer, hammering the wall??? Then maybe they can use the hammer to satisfy themselves and save us women from their stupidity… GILA!


  6. bongkersz wrote on Jun 25, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    i am extremely curious to know why the fixation on dressing code… to think of it, if they do not bring it up, we will never find it an issue. why the obsession over women’s wardrobe?


  7. Sarawak Laksa wrote on Jun 25, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Not AGAIN?!! Are you kidding me?!! Why not just lock the effing (pardon my language, this topic totally infuriates me) women up at home! I MEAN come on! then tight jeans and pants on men should be banned too because it outlines their butt and crotch curves!


  8. nono wrote on Jun 25, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    My sweetheart Mr. Bongkersz, if ikut islam sebenar2nya, memang heels aren’t not permit-able to Muslimah. Sik silap ya style wanita Yahudi and juak pelacur2 zaman jahiliyah. sidak pakey heels sbb mok menggoda lelaki and nampak cantik. Lagik sigek, bila perempuan jalan pakey heels nya akan buat bunyi yang bising and for sure it will distracts people and definitely people akan look at her (kat orang yang pakey heels ya).

    But no one is perfect la. even me sometimes pun pakey heels juak.. Sbb mok chanteks. heheheh.. and in this case, sidak mufti mungkin mengaitkan heels dgn hal2 sexual harassment sbb risau dengan the way most of muslim ladies berpakaian di kelantan nun…

    probably la. and yes, the way we dress ya tunjukkan your maruah juak. especially to the muslims… :kiss:


  9. bongkersz wrote on Jun 25, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    point taken nono. i only have this to say. as a religion, it should transcend time and boundary, what applicable before may not be applicable today. you would be surprised to know certain reasons behind what was allowable for Muslims during Prophet’s time and since in Islam, it is commendable to follow what the Prophet did (Sunnah Nabi), people just follow blindly?? there are explanations. this is my take, most religions nowadays focus too much on ‘gaya’, ‘cara’, ‘appearance’, ‘rituals’ instead of the real thing, between you and god. i find the concept of worshiping god a bit funny, for god is almighty and knows all and forgiving and all that, god cannot be so narcissistic and petty, asking us mere humans to worship him, counting our good and bad deeds.

    yes, sidak mufti mungkin mengaitkan heels dgn hal2 sexual harassment sbb risau dengan the way most of muslim ladies berpakaian di kelantan, but adakah kerisauan ya berasas? what i am trying to say, there are more critical, pressuring things to be taken care of instead of dressing code. again, we come to education.

    if one’s maruah is so cheap that is can be determined by the way he/she dress i have nothing to say 😐

    ps: why the hostility against yahudi especially among malaysian muslims? is it not yahudi adalah bangsa terpilih mengikut kitab taurat? enlighten me 🙂


  10. nono wrote on Jun 26, 2008 at 1:51 am

    yes yahudi adalah bangsa yang terpilih tapi sidak sombong lalu2. and most of prophets asal dari bangsa yahudi and yalah buat sidak bangga and suddenly, bila prophet Muhammad (pbuh) jadi the last prophet, they were so angry and sik dapat terimak sbb Muhammad asal dari bangsa Arab Quraisy. All these while, Yahudi fikir sidak is the best people in the entire universe..Yes, even dalam Quran memang stated yang Yahudi is the best people and dijadikan bijak. Tapi dalam Al-Quran juak, Allah pun laknat sidak sbb kesombongan sidak…(EXCLUDING Yahudi yang baik la) This is what I’ve been taught and baca la.. but I havent really habis baca and i am not really literate with my own religion. teruk kan.. uhuhu 🙁 )

    hmm… i am not trying to judge ppl base on what nya pakey. and i am not too sure about those mufti as well. adakah pemikiran sidak macam ya ka sik. but the thing is;
    “surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits.” (al Baqara: 190)

    bong, too many people wear the title of the muslim but they don’t fully practice islam… and i consider myself pun sama.. 😛

    p.s: bong… i am sorry if i sound lebih2 in this alrite.. 🙁


  11. bongkersz wrote on Jun 26, 2008 at 10:42 am

    it’s okay nono, i like to engage in a discussion like this 🙂

    “… exceed the limits” this limits is determined by who? muftis? more than often, they over interpret and make it difficult for the followers. religion should be comforting and not a burden no? 🙂


  12. nono wrote on Jun 26, 2008 at 10:53 am

    nang ken-jo-je.. 😆

    bukan pasal membebankan or not but the thing is dah law yang Allah berik and tetapkan macam ya. we are now considered as ppl akhir zaman and sbb yalah dugaan banyak and we’re not sekuat sidak dolok2. especially the muslims…

    ssh juak nak explain. hmm.. klak2 la i buat entry just sbg explaination ajak kot..


  13. bongkersz wrote on Jun 26, 2008 at 11:57 am

    i would think most of the laws are created by man, through interpretations of ‘god’s words’ which often turn out to be some ridiculous stupid senseless laws.

    bersolek is harus right? in islam it is said allah is beautiful and loves beautiful things. presenting yourself neatly, clean, sedap mata memandang adalah dituntut. what is important here, pakailah make up sekadarnya for herself, or her husband but not for the reason to attract other men.

    I believe educated muslim ladies should know the law (hukum) doing/related to that. it all come back to herself. is it necessary for some kind of authority to decide what she can wear and cannot wear?

    probably the concept of amar makruf nahi mungkar in malaysia is too sempit, only focus on small things like aurat and khalwat.. when the actual meaning is wider than that. mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mencegah keburukan is not limited to these few over emphasized things, don’t you think?


  14. nono wrote on Jun 26, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    yes, memang pun cantek itu perlu tapi sik boleh lebih2. and about the law, especially shariah law ya ialah diambik from sunnah based on apa yang Rasulullah buat and juak sahabat2 nya. dan law ya dibuat pun lepas dapat wahyu from Allah and that wahyu written in the Al-Quran.


    okay i think i dont have to elaborate more and more sbb you memang betol and itu la yang saya try to sampaikan but i dont know how to sampaikan :XO: heheheh

    and yes, some people obsessed gilak sampey berlebih-lebihan and try to judge people. these people pun dah di consider as melampaui batas juak. apa2 pun it is all about your faith and pegangan. 😉


  15. pia wrote on May 20, 2009 at 3:57 am

    mr bongkerz,i disagree with what u said about religion in the context that ‘it should transcend time and boundary, what applicable before may not be applicable today’.
    the Quran was the last of revelations from God to His Prophets,and so the contents of Quran must be applicable until the day of judgement.like pork for example.some ppl say that islam prohibits muslims from eating pork bcz they contain a worm which is very dangerous,but then if someday,there is a way to kill that worm,would eating pork be halal to muslim?of course not.the law is created by God as a test,to see whom are obedient.in fact life itself is a test,so we must strive in this one to be successful in the next,right?it’s just what i believe in.berakit-rakit ke hulu,berenang-renang kemudian.

    besides,do you consider a muslim women abserving islamic laws by covering her body not applicable in this generation?does not wearing lipsticks/high heels affects a women’s credibility?i agree that maybe the banning was kinda aggressive,and me myself sometimes do that also,but the way you are commenting on this is wrong.what they’re doing maybe harsh,but really that’s the way it works.maybe lipsticks and high heels do nothing to you,but who knows they do for others?it’s just natural attraction.and islam just provided the laws to control that.

    regarding yahudi,yes,they are the ppl of the book.but they recieve laknat from God bcz of their own doings.sorry i can’t say the details,cz i’m not an expert in that field,but that’s the general idea.

    ‘i find the concept of worshiping god a bit funny, for god is almighty and knows all and forgiving and all that, god cannot be so narcissistic and petty, asking us mere humans to worship him, counting our good and bad deeds.’

    sorry to contradict you,but in the Quran(i don’t remember which verse),it clearly states that God does not create any beings(ie humans,jinns) except for them to do His biddings.we muslims do believe that God sees all and hears all,and He does count all your good and bad deeds to see whom are the true believers.

    i regret that many muslims today do not give non-muslims the true account of what being a muslim really is.i hope you wouldn’t judge islam by the way muslims act,cz islam in its purest is wayyy different than what you see these days.i myself is not a perfect muslim yet,but i’m trying and i hope that someday i could really practice islam wholly.

    p/s sorry if i offended anyone,just stating my opinion =)


  16. bongkersz wrote on May 20, 2009 at 8:13 am

    Thanks for your comment and for dropping by my blog pia. Don’t worry about offending anyone on this blog, it’s a no holds barred place, you are free to state your opinion.

    Come back to you on this later. 8am in the morning, reading this kinda heavy, my head is spinning from the heavy stuffs. 😀


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