Kids nowadays too ’stressful’??

I was having my lunch just now, nearby my offfice at this Chinese kopitiam. Sitting no far to the left of my table was a group of female students. Nothing interesting about the girls, too young for me to check out, and really not worth checking out anyway.

What distracted my attention a bit was that, they were smoking like chimneys. Not that I care what they want to do with they money they scammed off their parents, but I remember back in my times (it wasn’t really that long ago…) students would not so daringly puff their ciggaretes in the public, especially if they are still wearing their school uniform.

These girls, wearing their school uniform with the school logo attached to their pinafore have no qualms about smoking in public, just like that. I would say there are probably 15 or 16 years old. Maybe younger, as sad but true for females who smokes, over time they tend to look older. Age catching up with them faster than their males counterpart. It’s just a biological thing, they way our body works.

What’s more intruguing was, not long after I sat down and ate my lunch, another group of female students walked past and stopped by the coffee shop. My back was facing the main door, so I couldn’t see their faces, but I heard their voices.

The uncle manning the noodles stall was heard asking one of the girl “Eh, you are smoking too?“, which the girl replied, “Yes.” Then one of the girl from the group sitting on the left table not far from me remarked, “Hey, Flora I thought you are not smoking?” Flora coolly replied her, “Oh, lately I am feeling a bit stressed” (zui4 jing4 wo3 hen3 fan2)

I nearly choked on my noodle hearing that. What stress? How stress can a secondary student be? Little girl, you have no idea what is ’stress’. You probably don’t even know how to write the word ‘?’ – fan2. Wait until you get out from school and learn the real meaning of ’stress’ in life.

ps: I don’t know how to write the word fan2 either, I googled it up. Me write and read no Chinese larrrrr~!

pss: I never thought I would write on something like this, about smoking and all. Who am I to judge? I smoke every now and then and only when I hang out with smokers (not smokers in Left4Dead game.. er nevermind about that haha!) but, when I was leeching money from my parents, I never smoked. Earn your own moolah to burn it, geddit?

psss: On a totally non related note, it feels weird seeing a Caucasian looking girl singing a Mandarin song, so good and perfect. Her name is Celina Jade, I found her while watching Legendary Assassin that day.

pssss: Mel, this post is dedicated for you, er just the song part la. Ngegeh!

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