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Just came back from work. Went to MBSA just now. Fark, I lost my building pass, end up paying RM30 the farking pass. No idea where and when I lost it. Everything is so blur this week. Hectic and heavy workload for the past weeks.

Damn, I am waiting for the day I tender my resignation letter with a big smile on my face saying “Boss, I quit.” Bwahahahahaha! Thinking about that making me happy la la la~! 😀 So, what to write? Yeah, rants… again. (It is like dumping all your shits you accumulated, taken  for the whole week then dump it here, such an orgasmic feeling hahaha!)

First, let me see. Ah, Samyvellu said 22 million is needed to inspect and check all the buildings in Putrajaya. Inspecting and checking only!!! Just that, people walking around, do a bit of testing here and there.. pop! 22 million. Nice thing to do heh? I will love to see the breakdown figures. How they farking come up with that magic figure. Oh ya, if you are in repairing/rehabiliating business or anything related to that, you just may make it big here in Malaysia! Here, we pay higher for repair cost compare to construction cost. It is part of our slogan “Malaysia Boleh” thing you see 🙂

Mothers’ day is around, so I will like to pay tribute to all the moms, moms to be out there a Happy Mothers’ Day! God bless your kind soul, happiness be with you always 🙂 Take care guys, have a nice weekend~!

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  1. cibol wrote on May 12, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    hepi mummy day dude .. wishing all mummies a progressive and productive years ahead!


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