I’m not in love with my landlady

It is Friday. It’s been a while since I write anything not so serious.

I was not feeling well this whole week. Starting on Sunday night, I was already having mild sore throat.  I blame the hot and erratic weather in Miri. It is so freaking hot at times, I spent most of the time wandering naked in my room. Back to the nature, the basics mah! Ooopss.. too much details. :grin:

Yes,  so damn hot, I put two fans in my room blasting directly at my kukujiao body. The worst thing was, the air I sucked in for the past weeks smelled so bad, as it was coming directly from the burning pits. It’s like walking around, puffing 20 ciggaretes  at a time. Fuck those stupid morons for burning craps and add to the worsening hazy, hot weather.

I need to rant a little bit about my landlady. She’s so grumpy, I hope if I am at her age and behaving like her, my friends will give a me hand by putting me to sleep. Well, perhaps I should go to Switzerland, I heard euthanasia is legal there.

Okay, the weather was damn hot (Er, been repeating that for few times now like a nagging housewife, ahaks!), so there were times when I was out of the house at night, I left the fans on and the windows open. I seldom locked my room, I just hate the process of taking out your keys, unlock and lock bla bla bla. Screw me!

So there was one time, I left the room unlocked, the fans on and the windows open. My room is on the 2nd floor. The landlady was at home, all the time. When I came back around 30 mins later, the landlady was at the living room, waiting for me (presumably) and talked to me in an annoying voice “You should switch off your fans everytime you go out.” To that, well I said “Yes“, because I was at wrong for leaving the fans switched on (although arguable) but I didn’t want to explain much. Then she continued “Since you have a new fan, the old fan you should give it back to me. My son wants to use it.” I replied “Okay” and moved upstairs, while thinking “Who cares about the stupid small fan anyway. You should just be clear that you don’t want me to waste the electricity with so many fans I am using, need not to beat around the bushes“.

What pissed me off was, I found out my room was locked and the fans were switched off. So she went into my room, switched off the fans and locked the room. Well, I get it that she’s the owner of the house and she has keys to my room, but does that means she can go into my room as she likes? Respect lah my privacy.

What’s your take? Is it acceptable to you that a person can just go into your room without asking you, although she or he has a certain authority over the place you are staying?

ps: Yeah, I know. Too much rain, complain.. Too hot, also complain. Never to appreciate anything eh?

pss: I had other previous ‘encounters’ with the landlady, this is just one of it. Well, cannot tahan already, so must rant a bit.

pss: Yes, this post serves no point. This is truly a crappy, useless post. But I bet you like it. :arrow:

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