“I am your father, Adam.”

Hey there! This is me writing the first post for this blog in 2014, close to 3 months late. My last post was in last year July 30th, so it has been almost 8 months since I have written anything for this blog. What an achievement, not. Let’s see, what has changed since then? Well…

“I am your father, Adam.” Yes, I finally can use that line from now on, when necessary. Meet Adam Encharang Bong Wei Keat. He was born on 24th August 2013. He is going to be 7-month old next week. Damn, time flies.




I only get to see him every 2 months or so since I started working here in Kalimantan Tengah. I feel bad when I think about it. Hopefully this will not go like this for long. Dread to think that I will miss out all the good times with him.

I think I can now pass as a local when speaking on the phone but still too good looking in real life to be an Indonesian bwahahaha!. I kid. I kid. Life is pretty mundane here. Morning 7am to 12am, 2pm to 4pm go to work. Stay in office or go to site, walk around, pick up some calls. Don’t really screw people here to get things done, so being tactful when asking for anything is a must. And you wait. And wait. And repeat. And wait. ┬áThen after work go for a short run or pretend to do anything that can be considered as exercise. After dinner, movie time. Or reading some books. Or wasting time on Twitter, which I am very good at. Repeat from Monday to Saturday. Sunday if lazy stay in the room, watch movies, read books, on Twitter again. Or else go to Banjarmasin city, 3.5 hours away. Waste time at the only hypermall in town then back to the estate usually already 9-10pm local time. Repeat.

Work not really that much different from what I did in my previous workplace. I enjoy the work and the challenges. Sometimes a little frustrated when things not moving as fast as I want it to be. Was used to get things moving faster back home. Then again, I pretty much had the full authority running things back then. Here, there are more ladders to climb. There are still many more things to do, I think I will stay put for the time being. The perks are good.

Eh, why am I talking about work. I should talk about anything but work. I have good news, for myself. I am so much lighter now since I started running in November 2012, and pretty much maintain the current weight at 72-74kg for quite a while now. I was weighed 88kg when I started. I was running consistently every week when I was in Miri and Kuching and was so happy I could make it a habit. More so that I “suddenly’ got to know few friends who are into running as well. Every Saturday 5am we went for a long run. Lost the tempo a little after coming to Indonesia mostly due to boredom running alone. I am no Forrest Gump, man. And the Runkeeper also not working well here. Not sure why the GPS is not working, so I cannot track my run. I thought it was my phone, but I have changed few phones since I came here and still the problem persists. So I just do my 3km or so run every alternate evening. Longer on the weekend when I feel fat. I hope I can keep this habit for long.

I also wish to get back my writing habit. Nowadays writing in spurts on Twitter or Facebook status, making me lazy and dumb when it comes to writing. Things on Twitter also getting dull, people picking fights over the silliest thing. Politics is no longer ‘fresh’, especially when you understand that some things will not change, or it will take time to change. We are still not getting our basics right. Bickering for the sake of it, both the opposition and the establishment. I am especially disappointed with the opposition for sticking to the same old tune just like what its counterpart doing, so it is a never ending and long, boring tango. Well, disappointed with the opposition doesn’t make me a fan of the establishment either. I myself noticed that I have toned down my political craps, straying away from those serious discussions and sticking to hahaha stupid jibes and snarky sarcastic remarks for both sides of the divide. Same old faces, same old ways of doing thing it is just insane expecting different result out of it. Or, maybe I am just getting old. Pffft.

Till next post.

p/s: I hope they find the MH370 soon.

pp/s: Just how many of you still reading this blog?

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  1. LadyBird Eileen wrote on Mar 22, 2014 at 11:45 am

    *raise hand* i do!


    bongkersz Reply:

    Haha! You still writing and reading blogs consistently eh


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