I am going bald for Go Bald campaign! Wheee!

I am thinking to go bald again!

First time I shaved my head (actually the 2nd time, 1st time was in Form 2 when I was a rebel HAHA! but considered 1st time with a valid reason)  was when BN lost its 2/3 majority in the 2008 General Election. I pledged to shave my head if BN did not get its 2/3 majority, and 3 days after the result of GE2008 was announced, I went bald.

I think I look kinda cute bald HAHA!

For the past 2 years, my other nickname is Botak Bong.

This time, I am planning to go bald again and it is for a good cause. It is to raise donation for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) through its Go Bald campaign.

Picture taken from Cyril’s blog

From its Facebook page,


“Help Kids Fight Cancer, Go Bald!”

In our first Go Bald campaign last year (the first such event in Malaysia, we may add!), we raised a grand total of RM215,760.37! We’re not sure who donated the thirty-seven sen, but thanks all the same!

This includes a massive RM65,000 raised by Kuching’s own Kenny Sia, and an additional RM20,000 from a generous Dato who also stepped up to have his head shaved.

Our goal this year – beyond raising awareness of childhood cancer, and offering moral support – is to raise RM1,000,000 for a brand new SCCS centre that will offer an unprecedented level of care and support for child cancer patients in Sarawak:

• Specially-designed accommodation for visiting patients and their families. Some of these families have to travel for 7 hours just to treat their children!

• Improved amenities, facilities and resources for the treatment of cancer patients. We want to make their stay in Kuching as productive as it is positive.


Cancer Exhibition: 10-15 May 2010

Go Bald Day: 16 May 2010

I just tweeted this an hour ago, and did the same on Facebook.

As the time of writing, 13 tweeples have pledged a total amount of RM925.00 for this campaign!! Awesome!

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5 Responses to “I am going bald for Go Bald campaign! Wheee!”

  1. ghostynana wrote on Apr 8, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Hi Bong,
    I am planning to get bald too. So far no pledge yet. Maybe need your help. 🙂



    bongkersz Reply:

    @ghostynana, hahaha… how may I help?? 😉


    ghostynana Reply:

    @bongkersz, u can help to promote to pledge for other bloggers who plan to get bald too :). Please.


  2. Silas wrote on Apr 14, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Botak Bong. Thanks so much for your ‘bald’ contribution. God bless.


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