Hottest Datuk on Earth in waiting, Datuk Jessica Alba!

I am writing this because I damn ‘tak puas hati’ with the decision to award Shah Rukh Khan a Datukship. That sonofabitch ass kisser Chief Minister of Malacca even defended the decision! Fine, as a proud Sarawakian, I am joining hand with my fellow bloggers, initiated by KennLeandre to lobby for Datukship for the hottest Datuk on earth!! Here come Datuk Jessica Alba!!!!


Hottest Datuk in waiting!

Little known to many people, Jessica Alba actually shot a movie in Sarawak before She plays the role as an Iban girl in the movie – The Sleeping Dictionary which was filmed in Sarawak, set during the time of the British Colonial rule in the 1930s. (Shah Rukh Khan only shot a movie scene in Malacca. A movie scene and get awarded a Datukship? Ceh! We have a better contender, with the while film shot in Sarawak!)

The Sleeping Dictionary movie poster

Jessica Alba as Iban girl says to me, “Nuan ka nyadi sulu ati aku?” I say, “Nuan meh pangan aku, nadai meh urang bukai ulih nganti nuan. Nuan aja alam ati aku”. Yoohoo!! :XO: :XO:

What? She’s too sexy? Exactly my point why she should be awarded the Datukship! Sexiest Datuk alive. Go away Michelle Yeoh! What? She reveals too much skin? Eh, Shah Rukh Khan also shed his clothes everynow and then, shaking his booty in his films, no problem right? Be fair we must!

Ask yourself, Shah Rukh Khan or Jessica Alba? Shah Rukh Khan jee nahi, Jessica Alba ha jee! (pardon my Hindi language. It’s been a while since I watched any Hindustan movies)


ps: Ehem, Jessica goes topless in the movie, with some love scenes.. :XO: Wait, SRK also goes topless, no issue right?

pss: Ok Kenn, supported you on this! Pimped your blog as well 😛

Updated 2.50pm: I just realised Kenny Sia wrote about Datukship for Jessica Alba before, after a friend mentioned it to me.

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Today at 2:18pm
thought Bong dislikes reading Kenny Sia’s stuff.
He wrote about the whole datukship for Jessica cos Melaka wanted to give one away to SRK.

I have not read Kennysia.com for quite some time, so I have no idea he blogged about this before. Ehe, just before anyone of you make any comment about me plagiarising him, well I don’t. Neither does KennLeandre, I think. Great minds think alike no? Nyahahahahaha! Well, go over to Kenny Sia’s blog, he has more photos of Jessica Alba wearing Iban traditional costume. *salivating*

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56 Responses to “Hottest Datuk on Earth in waiting, Datuk Jessica Alba!”

  1. KIWI3838 wrote on Nov 4, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    hey u guys… do not blame others for giving that title to shah rukh khan. they do have a good reasons and points to give that datukship to him. eventho im not a big fan of hisdustan film, i wouldnt argue for this kind of issue. let see if the government gv the title to jessica alba, wot do u think the muslim citizen in msia will say? u guys know msia is a muslim country and most of u guys also know that jessica alba is hot, doesnt make sense for Datuk Ali rustam to gv datukship title to her as the society will have a differnt kind of thinking(well u know wot i mean)..

    there are wayyy toooo many people that has had contributes to msia successss but we cant really mentioned all of them at once. aight? melaka did not gv that title to jessicca alba bcoz the movie “sleeping beauty”(as far as im concern) was not film in mlk. so thats ur answer. melaka does that for the reason of increasing its tourists attraction. so there u goo. if the other states wanted to do the same wayy… they would, but its not how they promote their state i guess, everyone has their own way of doing things.

    so lets not blame the government we are in. for the reason shah rukh khan got the title “datuk” and all the controversies, i believed melaka is geting more tourists than it used 2. well -ve feedback doesnt mean it would not get the advantage? aight…

    y u choose ur gf/bf to be ur wife/husband? while u’ve been sleeping with/ spent time/ etc… with the other person(who is not ur current? the same questions applied to this issues i reckon.

    psst: im missing my essay writing days 🙁 awwww…


  2. bongkersz wrote on Nov 5, 2008 at 11:58 am

    1st, you need to check up the word ‘sarcasm’. if you understand the word, you would not bother to bring up the muslim issue, bla bla..

    2nd, you need to read again what I wrote. I never ask Malacca to award the title to Jessica Alba. ]

    3rd, please check again the qualifications for Datukship.

    Thanks for dropping by. If you want to write essay, a tip – Please write with proper spellings, aight?


  3. KIWI3838 wrote on Nov 5, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    1. fyi, i didnt read ur comments as i dont bother.

    2. u hv ur own opinion and so do i and other ppl
    3. if im writing an essay i wudnt be writing like this. its was juz a thought!”psst” duh!
    4. there were no name mentioned above of who im pointing 2. ok? no harm.
    5. i watched the video as well as skim thru all the other comments.
    6. if i wud to reply from ur comments, it wouldnt be the last comment for this post, and if i were to gv feedback from ur comments, i wud hv click the reply button. ok?

    please dont tell me wot to do and what not. this is an open conversation and every1 is allowed to xpress their thoughts.

    pssttt.. i dont need no simple tip like that, thank you. theres no need for u 2 show off here ok? i know how 2 write.

    this is my way of writing a comments and i will stick to it. if u dont like it, dont read it. easy as that.


  4. Lime wrote on Nov 5, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    “1. fyi, i didnt read ur comments as i dont bother.”

    if u dont bother then dont bother to comment.save your so called brilliant opinion in other things.


  5. bongkersz wrote on Nov 6, 2008 at 9:03 am

    I think you are a bit slow on the mental faculty. You have no freaking idea of what I said in my previous comment.

    1. You didn’t read and you don’t bother, yet you BOTHERED to reply me again with your senseless ramblings.

    2. Yes, I respect your opinion, hence I allowed your comment and didn’t delete it. It is good for all to see for themselves how some opinions worth shit.

    3. Oh, really? Good for you then.

    4. “….doesnt make sense for Datuk Ali rustam to gv datukship title to her.”

    So much for not mentioning name, eh? I was replying to you on ‘I never ask Malacca to award the title to Jessice Alba’.

    5, 6. What video? Please reply at the correct post, else it makes you look dumb.

    As much as I love people to leave comments, I have beef with people putting words in my mouth and commenting before reading properly.

    Thank you for contributing to my blog hits.


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