“Having degrees = better YB?”, “Who’s my father’s son?”, & Voodoo Politics

I was reading the post ‘Do having degrees make a person better YB?‘ by The Broken Shield and I decided to post it to my Facebook Notes after adding a little comment.

Having degree can be an added advantage for a YB. That’s the simplest way to gauge the level of literacy/education of a person. In general, an educated person is supposed to be more capable especially when it comes using the brain department, as compared to those less educated ones. Having better education also means better access and comprehension to many information available.

As long as the person put all this in good use, we shall have nothing of such discussion whether having degree(s) make a person a better YB or not. It’s only when you have educated people for example the infamous son-in-law, a graduate from Oxford but behaving like hooligan, instigating fanatics to cause harm, making insidious, irresponsible statements, throwing support to a bunch of criminals, we have this question, today.

That said, having a degree does not reflect on the level of ‘awareness’ or ‘intelects’ of a person. More so when degrees nowadays are so easy to get. Some Sarawakian politicians even have PHDs! REAL one, if you must believe. *chuckles*

Well, we can have a person with a degree but still a lot lacking in the brain department leading to embarassing moments as potrayed in our Prime Minister inteview with CNN and Zam the Goblok’s ‘This is no Myammar’ statement, just to mention a few.

To quote a commentator on my blog when I posted an entry – “Pak Lah is the epitome of stupidity, inability and indignity

stupid or not, he made it as PM of Malaysia. You?

Do you think that’s funny? Laugh with me then. Har Har Har!

What is necessary, as a politician.. you must have the brain and MORE IMPORTANT you must have HEART. With good heart, come conscience. Ah so cliche!

Then a friend forwarded this joke, which I think is very apt to describe the standards of Malaysian politicians nowadays, especially those in the establishment. I think this joke has been going around for quite a while, but I am a bit lazy to find out who wrote it. A little laugh on Friday!

Malaysian Politics – State of Intelligence

Abdullah Badawi was visiting Singapore and during a meeting with Brigadier Lee, he commented to him that he was so disappointed with his cabinet people for being stupid, and asked him how he managed to have such an efficient cabinet in Singapore .

PM Lee said, ‘Simple, Abdullah, I choose able men for my cabinet.’

Abdullah asked, ‘Yes, but how do you know that they are able?’

PM Lee replied : Just ask them simple questions to test their intelligence. They don’t need to be too difficult. Let me illustrate to you.

Just then, DPM Tony Tan was walking by, PM Lee called out to him, ‘Hey Tony, come over here.’

Tony walked briskly over and PM Lee asked, ‘Tell me, Tony, who is your father’s son?’

Tony Tan immediately replied, ‘Me ! Of course.’

PM Lee turned to Abdullah and said, ‘See, all my ministers can answer such questions. Why don’t you go back and try?’

Abdullah thanked PM Lee and left for Putra Jaya.

Once he was back, he immediately summoned Home Minister Syed Hamid, and shot the question at him, ‘Tell me, Hamid, who is your father’s son?’

Syed Hamid was shocked beyond words and did not know the answer.

After a while, he recovered and said, ‘Boss, let me find out and I’ll tell you tomorrow.’

Abdullah, a bit disappointed, agreed, hoping that Syed Hamid will give him the answer the next day.

Meanwhile, Syed Hamid was panicking that the PM was testing him. He tried desperately to find out the answer from his staff, but none of them knew the answer.

The next morning, he thought a smart guy like Anwar must know the answer. So he phoned and when Anwar picked up the phone,

Syed Hamid said: ‘Hello, Anwar !!, I want to ask you a question. If you do not willingly give me the answer, I shall have you detained under the ISA.’

Anwar then agreed reluctantly and Syed Hamid asked: “Tell me, who is your father’s son?’

Anwar who was fuming at having been threathened over such a trivial question replied: ‘Of course it’s me, you stupid!’ and he slammed the phone down.

Satisfied that he got the answer, Syed Hamid confidently walked into Abdullah’s office and said: ‘Boss, I’ve got the answer to your question.’
Abdullah, happy that his minister wasn’t that dumb, said, ‘So tell me quickly Hamid, who is your father’s son?’

Syed Hamid confidently replied, ‘It’s ANWAR!’

Abdullah slapped his own forehead in disgust and said: “No you stupid ! It’s TONY TAN!’

Before I end this post, here is a sample of a statement from supposedly ‘educated’ person, a Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak. Siapa lagi kalau bukan Alfred Jabu ak Numpang! His latest statement sure tops the list of quotable quotes, (careful Samyvellu, Jabu is catching up fast!)

Jabu, who is Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu deputy president and also State Minister for Rural Development and Infrastruc-ture Development and Communi-cations, warned opposition campaigners and native Ibans of “supernatural repercussions” that awaited those who allowed “outsiders” to enter longhouses and villages.

Jabu said that a resident of the longhouse died of mysterious circumstances two days ago after the longhouse folk allowed opposition members to enter their premises to launch a party branch.

ps: Kongkay has decrypted what Jabu actually wanted to convey in his blog.

pss: I suddenly have many things to write. I want to write about assimilation/language borrowing among Sarawakians, but that need to wait 🙂 A little preview – decipher these words – charley, belon, terer, sardin. :lol:

pss: Have a great weekend!

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7 Responses to ““Having degrees = better YB?”, “Who’s my father’s son?”, & Voodoo Politics”

  1. suituapui wrote on Mar 20, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Saw Pek Mo’s son on TV speaking in BM in parliament and making an absolute fool of himself. I hear his English isn’t much better. I am NOT a grad but l’m sure l’m a lot more proficient in both languages. Miak aterng!!


  2. |1f34|-|1r3 wrote on Mar 21, 2009 at 11:43 am

    muakkaakkak…that is some joke you got there man…hope not ISA will be issued…LOL 😛


  3. pcuserz wrote on Mar 23, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    slap in the face!


  4. Clare wrote on Mar 25, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    The last piece by Jabu really made my day, man! Thanks, man! (Yes, it was in the news but I don’t read papers anymore. Hahahaha!!!)


  5. DeePo wrote on Mar 30, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    emm….what kind of degree they are talking about? a real degree or ”degree beli”?


  6. bongkersz wrote on Apr 1, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    The one James Jemut Masing has haha!


  7. lingerie wrote on May 17, 2009 at 6:04 am

    Depends on what your degree is in, this will determine how useful it is.


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