Goodbye 2008! Roll up, broken resolutions and being reflective

This year I am going to write a summary of my year, taking a cue from michaelooi.net because I think it is a good way to gauge where you stand at the end of the year. It is time to being reflective and look back at what we have accomplished (and not) for the year.Β  I am intended to do this every year in the future starting from this post.


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Resolutions are meant to be broken, that’s what pessimists some people say, but by having a list of ‘things to do’ and ‘marking yourself’ when the time comes, you’ll be able to benchmark yourself, against your previous self. Kinda stupid, no? But stupid things we love do, every now and then.

If you are able to plot your life on a graph, you’ll see if you are sinking fast to the bottom, maintaining a straight line, or for the best – going uphill. But, why many of us wait to reflect on our life only at the end of every year? We should do it every second, minute, and day or at every opportunity that we have. Looking back and retrace your steps, the act does wonders.

So, year 2008. How has it been for me? Fantastic? Mundane? Alright? So so? I guess it was not a bad year, compared to the year before (2007). I didn’t write any resolution for 2008, but I did in 2007.

2007, I was in a mess. By the end of the year, I still grappling with my life, so I decided to put everything on track in 2008 – the reason I didn’t write any resolution coming into 2008. I never wrapped up those resolutions I made in 2007, so perhaps it’s due time to have a peek and see how badly I fared?

I made 9 resolutions in 2007. I am going to list it here and give myself a verdict for the every thing I set to do.

1. Clear off my debts/credits


By now, you probably already know how I ended up in this shithole. Halfway into 2008, I made a not so pretty confession. Just like many things I wrote about myself in this blog, it was intended to be a reminder for me. Yes, I read my own posts, every now and then.

Back to my financial status, it is still in the red. (not a very eligible bachelor, or a good candidate for anyone’s daughter, huh?) I did some optimistic calculations, I still need a year to clear up everything.

I am actually very disappointed with myself. I should be able to clear a big chunk of my debts especially in 2008 when I received quite substantial pays due to relocation, bonuses and all that but I paid off some, keep some and then relapsed again, only to make new debts.

I started to clear my mountaining debts in 2007, 2 years have passed since that time and today, I am still far from achieving what I should have accomplished if I had the proper discipline and dedication.

To be fair, things are looking up. I cleared most of my debts to my friends and negotiated for readjustment of my credit cards payments with the banks. By restructuring the payments, it is way easier to manage my financial mess. I already made full payments for few cards, and now still left with few other credit cards with manageable amounts to service. Hopefully, by the end of next year (2009) when I write my roll up, I am going to share a damn good news for you.

I must take this opportunity to thank many wonderful friends for helping me during this bad time. Some of them may not know that they were helping me, some may not help me in monetary terms but still giving me advices and some ‘whacked’ and ‘scolded’ me back to the righteous path. For that I am very grateful and no amount of words is enough to extend my gratitude to you guys. I hope you guys will still be around for me, despite my pathetic self.

2. Get a better physique


What I have to say? I am not ballooning up nor slimming down. Still the old me. Better physique I don’t have (yet), well it is damn hard to achieve with so many temptations around. Especially when you were meeting many new friends and being the gracious and kind Malaysians they are, they would find every opportunity to ‘yam cha‘ (or ‘yam seng‘) or sit down and eat. Excuses, yeah I know. Wait until your read this next resolution, and then you would agree with me that I am lucky not to increase my size to double or triple. Kick ass abs or body can wait!

3. Make more friends


2008 is the best year for me in this department. I probably scored 10/10. I make many wonderful friends through my blog, friends’ blogs, Facebook, friends’ friends, new colleagues and so on. A big chunk of my new friends come from Facebook and blogs.

Most of my Facebook new friends came from the groups I joined, especially this particular political group I am active in. We become good friends, heck most of us communicating with each other on daily basis now! I already met most of them in person and every now and then, we will find time to gather and, need I say it again? Yam cha and makan lah!

Through this group of friends, I got to know many like-minded people, politicians wannabes, big shots, etc. and involved in many political outings which opened my eyes to many things. These are the most passionate people I know, strong willed and opiniated. I am just glad I know them.

Then through blogging, as I mentioned somewhere a post before, I am glad to meet and know many great individuals, that become my good friends. Now I know if I am in Ampang, Noktah Hitam, Syam Aeropama, Life4hire, Callister, Lochoe, MK and gang will be there to have a ‘melebam’ session with me, in Sibu I can trust Suituapui, Beng Beng, Alexallied, Huai Bin, Clare, Wongpk, Clement and gang to have another makan session – perhaps at Ruby’s Restaurant, in Miri I can find Mary Goolooloo, Ladybird Molly and gang to jolly together, in Kuching I can hang out with Kongkay, Lola and friends, in Brunei can ‘ketuk’ Mar to belanja and many other bloggers like Will Chua, Melbie, Man-D, Archie, Mary Drumstick, Zewt, Sootsprite etc. I cannot possible to name it all, suffice to say I am glad we crossed paths, let’s keep it that way for many years to come.

Thanks to blogging I get to know some of the juniors I was not that close with during my secondary school time – Nono, Amoi, Patt, keep in touch with university mates – Ah Po (only one that I know actively blogging lol!) and leak my secrets to my friends. I know many are reading, but damn reluctant to drop a comment. Ceh! That’s what friends for, haha!

I am happy to make new friends and even happier to keep in touch with old friends. Thankfully, in 2008 I met with many old friends – some of them I never see for 8-10 years! Meeting old friend and reminiscing the good times together, nothing in the world can top that.

As I wrote in the resolution – Keep my old friends close, make more new friends, I am happy to say that I stay true to my words. Allow me to add another one not so wise words – Make more friends, so you have more friends to use, and to spare when you need it. Ahaks!

4. Spend more time with loved one


Due to logistic and financial contraints, I used to go back home only during Chinese New Year but in 2008, I think I am doing good, spending more time at home with families and loved ones. It is not the amount of time you spent matters, but the quality of the time you spent, right?

5.Reduce food intake after 9pm


Oh? I did set to achieve something this trivial, and kinda lame thing? Erm, but still I failed badly. Outing at nights, meeting friends making this impossible and thus, brought down resolution No. 2 haha! Well, at least I seldom do it on my own initiative, gobbling food at night. Seldom. Now.

6. Make a passport


Not yet lah! No money no travel.

7. Get a laptop


I was intended to get one when my pc desktop died on my, but it resurrected somehow so I used it for a while before it died for real. Now, I am thinking to get one, for real. I need to do my work, and I need to blog, on my own computer. Any good deal around?

8. Get a tattoo?


Yes. No money but can do tattoo. See how my priorities in life like? That’s why I am glad a friend ‘knocked’ some senses into my head. This is now a new ‘addiction’. Good thing is, you can’t do tattoo on credit. Muahahahahahaha!

8. Miscellanous – Overall, I hope to be a better person – aiming for today is better than before days and coming days will even better! Oh yea, to keep on maintaining this blog


I am a better person now? Today is better than before? Coming days are better? You bet! I am making sure it is better!

Overall, 2008 is a good year for me. I changed my job twice this year, now into my 3rd job since I graduated. I am climbing the slave’s hierachy, slowly. I met many wonderful people. I finally exercised my right as a Malaysian, voting in the general election. Yes, I played a part to jolt BN up from its slumber sleep and denied its customary 2/3 majority.

I am still sad and disappointed though, that PR leaders still bickering over trivial matters. You guys should shut the fark up and start doing things. Less talking, do the good works you had promised and we will decide your fate when the time comes.

Most important, as a person who blogs (that’s different from what you call a blogger), I am still religiously maintain my blog and bad news for you because you are going to read more craps by me. That’s it for 2008. This is my last post for 2008, hope to start 2009 with a bang!

Wishing you guys, a wonderful, kick-ass Happy New Year!

Don’t drink and drive, smoke and fly! Adios!

ps: Aeropama has his ‘Selamat Tinggal 2008‘ up, I presumed is his last post for 2008, being reflective and all that. How’s your 2008? Link me up, for your last post of the year!

pss: Reading Noktah Hitam’s post, I must give it up to him. I quote:

“Time isn’t a luxury we have. Each passing second overrides the previous one. Before you knew it, a year went by. So don’t wait for another year to change yourself, do it now.”

Yes my friends. Carpe diem. Seize the moment!

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  1. Clare wrote on Jan 2, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    No lar. The super famous blogger is too famous for small bloggers gathering already. I heard he was invited to a few Kuching bloggers gathering but he didn’t even bother to reply their e-mail or show up ❗

    Don’t think I’ll go for any Kuching bloggers gathering lor. Not familiar with them (read: never read their blogs πŸ˜› ), I prefer Sibu and KL wan. πŸ™‚

    This Sibu-an has been Kuchingized! πŸ˜€


  2. bongkersz wrote on Jan 2, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Only selected people to mingle with eh? So much for being ‘friendly’ and ‘down to earth’. Just look at his blog, any that features Kuching bloggers? πŸ˜›


  3. chuckiesd wrote on Jan 3, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    Happy new year to you…you have one more frenz..its me..hehehehe


  4. haritz wrote on Jan 4, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    azam tahun baru aku nak tukar hosting, ader check kat web, aku confuse mcm2 ader, tak tau manan nak pilih, :XO: ada idea tak Bong


  5. bongkersz wrote on Jan 4, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    Entah lah bro. I am using mercumaya.net now. I know from feedbacks, datakl and exabytes quite reputable, boleh check tengok.


  6. bongkersz wrote on Jan 4, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Hey my new friend :p Thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year!


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