Fast and Furious Weekend

Bear with me, incessant ramblings of things happening during the weekend.

Last Friday night, I met up with some friends from my Facebook Group. We had drinks and chit chatted from 10.00pm till 4.30am in the morning. Then went back sleep for a while, 5.30am fetched housemates and friends to LCCT. They are in Sabah now, climbing Mount Kinabalu. Yes I told some of you I would go for the trip but I cancelled it at the last minute due to some personal reasons. (lol.. what an excuse!) Never mind, maybe next time haha!

Came back from LCCT around 7.30am, went to sleep and woke up at 12.30pm. Then went to KL Sentral to wait for Cibol to go to Sepang International Circuit to watch the qualifying race at 2pm-3pm. But…. Jeng jeng jeng… We ended up at Roy’s place, playing PS2 Winning Eleven, don’t ask me why 😀 Yes, we didn’t go for the qualifying session. We battled it out on the virtual field instead 😀 I love Winning Eleven (now known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2008), it is my favorite game, I think I am quite good at it hehe. Anyone is up for a challenge? *Wink!

I love this game!!

Saturday night I went to a good friend’s house warming makan-makan session at Kinrara. I was green with envy! When lah is the time for me to have my own shitting place? The next day early morning I went to KL Sentral . I almost forgot to bring the F1 tickets, was rushing to reach KL Sentral by 10.00am. Met Cibol there, we took the commuter to Nilai then boarded the bus to Sepang International Circuit. The place is damn crowded with people and cars!! It is reported that this year race attracted the biggest crowd since 10 years of hosting F1 race.

The 10th edition of the Malaysian GP marked a milestone when it breached the 125,000-spectator mark for the first time. A total of 126,690 fans thronged the Sepang F1 Circuit. Last year’s event attracted 115,000 people while the inaugural race in 1999 drew about 80,000 fans. – The Star

Petronas petrol station opposite the circuit – Look at the cars. All the roads, both directions from LCCT and KLIA to SIC jammed with cars. Lucky didn’t drive there.

Just reached the place. This mamat perasan I was taking his photo.. hehe

Walking to the circuit. The weather was damn hot!!!

F1 fans congregation?

Merchandise booths

Citrine seats – RM700 each! More expensive then flying back to Sarawak haha! Lucky I got it free 😛

It was fantastic to actually be there at last, when all this while I was following the race through the television set haha! You get to experience the monstrous sound of the car engines, it is so loud and deafening, you think your skull is splitting that you must wear an ear plug or else you can’t enjoy the race. (How to enjoy if you end up covering your ears with your hands all the time :P)

Ehem.. I was there??

Close your eyes and picture this – You get to see the sexy curves…, hearing the purring sounds… witness the fast, zipping in and out, non-stop actions…. and it goes on for 2 long hours.. how cool is that? I was referring to the cars lah.. what do you think?

F1 drivers parade in vintage cars

We left the circuit before the race was over, (Kimi Raikonnen was leading at that time, after Felipe Massa spun off on 30th lap) because we didn’t want to get caught in the jam. This time we took a bus to KL Sentral. A little ‘argument’ happened when we bought the tickets, I was pissed off at this one uncle for trying to charge us RM10 for the trip to KL Sentral. The bus would go to Puduraya and on its way would stop at KL Sentral, he said but he charged us the price to Puduraya. Only when I went to the opposite road and another ticket seller told us it was only RM8 to KL Sentral, and RM10 is the price to Puduraya I get pissed off and went back to look for the uncle..

Me : Uncle, I want a refund. I don’t want to take your bus. I only need to go to KL Sentral, not Puduraya.

Uncle : This bus is going to KL Sentral. And we cannot return the tickets we already sold.

Uncle : We only have RM10 tickets. I cannot do refund.

Me : Well, in the first place, you lied to me about RM10 is to KL Sentral, that’s why I bought the tickets from you. You were asking me to pay extra for the trip I don’t need and never told me RM10 is to Puduraya. I don’t mind to board your bus, but I will only pay RM8, the price to KL Sentral.

Guess my botak look and pierced lips make me look scary and probably not someone to mess with, (ha! ha! ha!) After a little heated ‘argument’ he reluctantly gave us back the money and we returned the tickets. So we got our RM8 tickets from another bus company!! 😀 Oh yeah, you guys should know by now, Ferrari- Kimi Raikkonen 1st place, BMW Sauber – Robert Kubica 2nd place and McLaren – Heikki Kovalainen 3rd place.The rest not worth the mention 😛 Bad day for McLaren. Sigh!

The Iceman

Sunday night, big games – ManYoo vs Liverpool and Chelsea vs Arsenal. Watched the games with Cibol, Roy and Stef at Roy’s place. Stupid Liverpool played kanasai and lose 3 goals to ManYoo. Lousy Reina, macam tangkap ayam only. The second game, no need to mention lah! Gloat all you guys want. There will always be next year. ROTFLMAO!

Sekian terima kasih.

p/s : I took a some photos of the cars and drivers during the race, but the pictures quality far from good, cannot be presented, you guys go google for better photos lah haha! Must armed myself with a DSLR next time 😛 I wish!

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14 Responses to “Fast and Furious Weekend”

  1. angeles wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Kinrara? Wooo… dekat my place 😉

    Wah! Nxt time I wanna ask for any refund, u help me, okeh? ^^

    –> BK4 there 😛 nearby your place? i go stalk you angeles.. er, see what kind of refund first.. he he he! ^_*


  2. suituapui wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Why u cancel ur trip to KK? Cos sumbody’s in KL now kah??? Wakakakakaka!!!! Eeee…RM2 oso wanna fight!!! This Sarikei samseng! Takut I!!! Aduh!!! Haven’t heard the noise and felt the heat, see the photos…so many people! I oredi pening kepala!!!! Old man like dat lah! LOL!!!

    –> not about the money okay. he was lying through his teeth, money never an issue 🙂 and i didn’t fight. i talked. i don’t fight old man 😛 so, if you are in that kind of situation, you just keep quiet and let it go? then it will encourage people like him to continue doing what is wrong. ah, if i am really a samseng, people should be very afraid of what i am capable of doing, with my abilities 😛


  3. angeles wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    eh yalor.. i also want to kaypo why cancel the trip… :mrgreen:

    stalk me? wooo… sounds sexciting… i wait…

    –> problem lah. not enough leave (took too many already), money.. etc. 🙂 1st must let me know where to stalk 1st 😛


  4. melbie wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    “You get to see the sexy curves…, hearing the purring sounds… witness the fast, zipping in and out, non-stop actions…. and it goes on for 2 long hours.. how cool is that? I was referring to the cars lah.. what do you think?”

    Oh I know you were talking about the cars, and I can almost hear them… so jelessss!!! I don’t really follow the F1, but I like them cars! Haha .. I got a cousin who called in sick from work once or twice just to catch the live F1 on tv.. and I had to watch it with her, that’s how it rubbed off to me a bit!

    Arsenal lost to Chelsea, oh yeah! Haha Drogba! Drogba! Oh that sexy Drogba! LOL

    –> why suddenly so many chelsea supporters around me? 😀


  5. Patt Irmina wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    nahh nahh..see. if i brought you to melaka, it would hv ruined ur chances to go watch F1 Live for free! hehehe…our little trip was on saturday.

    –> i have been to melaka anyway 🙂


  6. ahlost wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    I hate that kind of ppl as well. Cheater !!!

    –> we all do.


  7. ahBONG wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    i can so die of dehydration… look at that hot day! look at the photos also enough already! i can really melt!!!

    –> putera lilin lah you 🙂


  8. suituapui wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Hey…isn’t that your Chinese New Year baju? Wakakakakakaka!!!!

    Gosh! So full!!! Just got back from Ruby;brought some lecturer-friends from KL. Butter Scotch freshwater prawns, of course…and mayonnaise lamb, midin, cangkuk manis and sea cucumber soup. With rice and drinks, only around RM60! Drool! Drool!

    –>i bought is 2 years back lah, what CNY baju. Midin! 😀 Slurrpssss! Damn cheap eh food in Sibu. Haih!


  9. wawa440khz wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 10:24 pm

    bong..your bald look remind me an anime character..a rock singer from hot hardcore band in the story…for sure…cool n handsome one…geggegege….with pierced lips also…herhe

    –> which anime? get backers? 😀 didn’t know you read this blog hahaha!


  10. Man- wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Gossshhhh, this post were very long lar…hehehe…but I love the part where MU crushed 10-man Liverpool…securing their top spot with only 7 games left!

    STP with his Ruby… 😉

    –> gloat gloat!! MU should thank steve bennet for his many stupid refereeing decisions. STP is duta Ruby ma!


  11. nono wrote on Mar 25, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    macam tauke!

    –> ada gaya ka nono? 😛


  12. mrcoolku wrote on Mar 26, 2008 at 12:12 am

    hey, i am good in WE also last time. it is my favorite soccer game. but long time no play d since my ps give to others.

    –> i only play when i go my friend’s place 😀 definitely my favorite soccer game. i love fifa soccer game too, by ea sports, used to play at my pc like crazy. haha!


  13. drumsticks wrote on Mar 26, 2008 at 11:41 am

    wah.. so little sleep can do so much.. geng!!

    –> superman!!!!!!


  14. Bengbeng wrote on Mar 26, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    breathless jus following yr fast n furious life style

    –> haha, sure not bengbeng? 🙂


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