Facebooker Faceoff~!

I love Facebook! Facebook is very addictive, it has great features, many wonderful applications to play around and it is fun. I dumped my Friendster since I converted myself to be a Facebooker. What I love most is the ‘group’ feature where you can create or join a any group that you think you can relate to. Interacting with people is sure interesting. I spent most of the time whoring the wall and the discussion board in those groups. One of the group that I am in, and ‘wasting’ most of the time participating in the discussion is the group ‘Deny Barisan National A 2/3 Majority in the Upcoming Election!’ (Yes, is a BN-bashing post again!!!! Muahahahaha! Er, why not?)

We have quite a number of people in the group, now more than 5000 members. (Man, everybody hates the Dacing party heh?) Every now and then some BN supporters will come in post something at the wall or discussion board. And most of the time, they behaved like retards and making themselves look like a fool by the way of their posting. I want to believe to believe many BN voters are smart and capable of holding a good discussion but I seriously doubt that now. Their actions always suggest the opposite.

Their arguments always downright childish and dumb. I guess it is their way of showing their supports for their leaders, by behaving exactly like them. Calling people monyet, penyangak, coming up with remarks like bocor, terowong and many more. Ever watch how BN politicians behave in parliament? Ever read any funny remarks (actually saying it is funny is to ‘give face’, retarded is more like it) by BN leaders?

Let me share you one posting by a BN supporter at the group’s wall. I shall not reveal his identity. I don’t want to give him ‘kemaluan’. (cause him embarassment)

‘Our country has been ok all these while,I admit there are some bad points bout our govt but who’s perfect?We should be thankful that we are still living in a peaceful country up till now….Well,if u wana deny Barisan,then who takes over?DAP?PAS?Keadilan?Whata joke….People..be satisfied and grateful with what we have.If not for Barisan especially our dear Tun Mahathir,where would our country be?Withouth them,foreigners still will not know where or what is Malaysia.Remember those days when we gotta explain to these mat salleh’s that we are actually next to singapore???Think about it.Lastly,for those who are rallying on the streets….get a life and stop causing disturbance!!!You guys suck big time!!!Like sakais!!!’

And this is my reply to him, after much revised and toned down reply :

‘1st, no country is perfect, but that’s an excuse. We are not looking for perfection, just a better Malaysia. Of course we are thankful we are living in a peaceful country. So as long as it our country is peaceful, we should support leaders who are corrupt, we should tolerate lies and agree with many stupid decisions by the leaders especially BN leaders?? And, we are here all peace loving people. Do you see any of us instigating/suggesting any actions that will create havocs and disrupt peace? Why do you think our cause of deny BN a 2/3 majority will bring chaos and disrupt the peace? Why is that?

2nd, do you actually understand what is the cause of this group? To deny BN a 2/3 majority, not for DAP, PAS or Keadilan to take over the country. Capisce??

3rd, being grateful for what? Tun Mahathir? For spending most of our money on white elephant projects? For reducing, corrupting the judiciary to the very mess it is now?For introducing the quota system to all economic sectors in Malaysia including the education system, whereby a designated percentage of undergraduate seats of higher institutions were reserved for Bumiputra? For amending the constitution and laws like his father owned it? For the one sided contracts he signed with the IPPs? For the funny agreements with toll concessionaires he signed? For initiating the ‘astroboy’ expedition to space project? For building Petronas Twin Towers, Bakun Dam, Sepang Circuit, KLIA so that Malaysia will be famous,but only certain group of people directly reap the benefits? Oh you are so proud that we have our tallest building in the world? That is all matters? Being famous and well known country? Well, we are very famous now, we are the laughing joke of the world now, if you yet to aware.

4th, those rallying on the streets are not the one should be blamed. Roadblocks created by the over zealous police caused traffic jams in the city. Businesses were shut down because the police wouldn’t let a peaceful rally to be carried out. they came with anti riot police, water cannons, tear gas to give the impression the rally is not safe and peaceful. so who is causing the disturbance now?

5th, Who is more sakai than you? Writing a piece of crap on our wall like that sure look like one. Why don’t you post in our discussion board and present your points on Barisan, why we should listen to you, why we sucks? We may be wrong after all, we just need some convincing 🙂 Alright? Up for the challenge? I doubt so, I doubt even you know what is the meaning of ‘sakai’. Prove me wrong.’

I think I am so full of myself.. Muahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!

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12 Responses to “Facebooker Faceoff~!”

  1. melbie wrote on Jan 21, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    haha and my friends and I were discussing the upcoming election too last night, and we share your view! I’m not even sure if I’m going to vote this time – and even I do, well.. let’s just say a little bit of opposition is good, else BN will take things for granted hehe …

    –> melbie, you should vote if you are eligible to do so, that’s your responsibility as a citizen. Why? If you don’t vote you have no say in how the country is being run. Elected individual’s make numerous decisions effecting your life, even though you may not realize it right away, down the road, your life could be change in a many ways. If you do not vote, there is no reason to complain about the way government is spending YOUR tax dollars or deciding what you can and can not do. Voting is a chance to ‘tell’ the government how you feel…If you want change-VOTE! 🙂


  2. melbie wrote on Jan 21, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    *correction – even if I do.. hehe


  3. Laura wrote on Jan 21, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    i love facebook too!

    and i havent register myself as a voter for election. hehehehehe…


  4. cibol wrote on Jan 21, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    I love facebook .. a reason to go out of the boring frindster. So lame …


  5. melbie wrote on Jan 21, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    I have facebook too – still dunno how to handle them hehe … and I deleted my friendster account a while back – really lame hehe


  6. Patt Irmina wrote on Jan 21, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    check out http://www.darnmalaysia.com
    there was this one time (according to the writings in the website) a minister in BN said “the votes made by sabah/sarawak voters is not important”..something like that. WTF.
    somehow, i’m a bit of anti-BN at the mo. Just look at what’s happening to our country now.


  7. angeles wrote on Jan 22, 2008 at 2:48 am

    Ahh.. I found u on FB 😛 Your name nearly sounded like someone I know, except he’s a Boon, not Bong 😛

    Later on, sure not so hangat already wan… 😛

    –> oh? i added you on FB 🙂 Boon? So he always get the joke, ‘James Boon’…??


  8. melbie wrote on Jan 22, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    bongkersz, I voted before so I know it is my responsibility as a citizen hehe. But I did say a little opposition is good didn’t I? LOL Thanks for reminding me again though… At least I can vote, unlike Laura here who just said that she haven’t registered as a voter!(unless still underage la) Hehe.. And I just disclosed that I’m old in a way since this is going to be another election for me.. whoa!


  9. drumsticks wrote on Jan 23, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    yeaa.. definitely will vote.. they say elections will be next year?


  10. Dexter | Techathand.net wrote on Jan 27, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    I have to learn more about facebook.. although I have an account on there.. I want to optimize it’s use , and so I have to study it.

    –> facebook is interesting dude. optimize its use for? getting more blog hits? 😀


  11. melbie wrote on Jan 27, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    I didn’t even know how to search for someone in facebook before… well I learned that a few days ago! Haha …


  12. NoktahHitam wrote on Jan 29, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    heads on! Bravo bongkersz. These people should keep their mouth shut at all times.

    –> let them open their mouth. then they will dig their own hole, deeper and deeper. we bury them easily then 🙂 idiots easy to spot hehe..


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