Dominique Ng – The Mole?

It is going to the drain. Why? When you have selfish politicians serving their own interests instead of the people. I am utterly disappointed with Malaysian politicians.

Opposition to take on opposition

KUCHING: A β€œbattle of the giants” is shaping up in Bandar Kuching with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Padungan assemblyman Dominic Ng Kim Ho likely to take on DAP incumbent MP Chong Chieng Jen.

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I quote :

“I want to stop the speculation that PKR will concede all the Chinese-majority seats to the DAP. I do not like to fight the DAP. If there is no choice, I will do it,” he told reporters. – Dominique Ng, Sarawak PKR state liaison chairman.

You have a choice dumbass! Stay away. I seriously doubt he knows what he is doing. If he thinks he is doing more good for the people by contesting DAP, he is definitely wrong. He is just giving a helping hand to BN by doing that.What he is trying to prove? What he is getting from all this?

Opposition gains nothing here, only BN reaps the benefits from this squabbling. I think he is a mole, working for BN. All his actions suggest he is just that. A turncoat, definitely a errand boy for BN. Prove me wrong.

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22 Responses to “Dominique Ng – The Mole?”

  1. Nini wrote on Feb 20, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    an intereresting concept..it looks like it… smells like it…could be it…he did it to DAP before..he walked out.but to do this he must have great motivating factors or rewards… he is one of the most unpopular persons in the state today… the one nobody wants and he and his small core group wants wants wants… he rather sacrifice everybody else and couldn’t care less for the rakyat… by this measure alone, the rakyat have judged him

    –> well said nini. he said he cares for the rakyat, but his actions proved otherwise.


  2. Bob K wrote on Feb 20, 2008 at 6:29 pm

    A lot of us have walked out of DAP in the past, even before KeADILan was formed, for various reasons. Could it also be DAP Sarawak’s recalcitrance that is forcing what ought to be erstwhile allies to take a similiarly hard stand?

    We do have to wonder why SNAP and the Dayaks would rather talk to this Chinese lawyer rather than DAP?

    –> It’s pretty obvious people in Sarawak do not want PKR (yet), already proven in the previous election. Even if SNAP and Dayaks on PKR side instead of DAP, the areas they are fighting for are Chinese areas (man I hate to say this, till when we need to field candidates based on etnicity instead of merits), so DAP has better chance to against BN. PKR and DAP must work together towards one common goal, not fighting among themselves like mad dogs.


  3. limadang.com wrote on Feb 20, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    hdup barisan dan timbangan yang senget yuhuuuuuu!

    –> hidup timbang yang senget! sengetlah negara kita!


  4. limadang.com wrote on Feb 20, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    No wonder this Leaders area all senget now! furthermore..all things gone up sebab they pertimbangan also sudah rosak…PM also Senget,Musa aman also Senget, Najib Over Senget..alalalalla habis la…. This is the problem when our country run by monkeys…huyhuhuuh Probocis monkeys running malaysia alalla…

    –> and who voted the monkeys in? πŸ˜€ thanks for dropping by man! great blog you have there.


  5. limadang.com wrote on Feb 20, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    This year will be the first time for me to cast my vote. for sure i’m not going to vote the monkeys lols…

    –> this is my first year too πŸ™‚ samalah kita. vote wisely.


  6. CharYeLLe wrote on Feb 21, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Sooooo stupid wan!!!!!!! I was reading in the papers about how they wanted to have a negotiation to avoid three-corner fight but I guess all gila kuasa too much to care already!

    Btw, both are superb representatives for their area. It’s just too bad if only one wins. And why must they give opportunity to the stupid corrupted party who talk bullshit all the time and do nothing!!!??

    Can’t they achieve a consensus or something? Sigh….

    –> Hello Suzie! πŸ™‚ Stoopid politicians don’t deserve our vote. You are right, all gila kuasa and who said they care about us? A simple consensus like this also cannot achieve, no wonder the other blue party laughing happily and keep doing their business, corrupting the country.


  7. Noparty wrote on Feb 22, 2008 at 11:10 am

    Vote dominic for wat? he only wants to prove that he is not a loser to DAP.he is kiasu and selfish, and can’t do a thing.


  8. Ng's blood supporter wrote on Mar 3, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    So you ppl think that only DAP can contest with BN? If they can, why now, after 40 years in politics, they still can’t form a government ? Cause all these time, they only fought with the gov in chinese areas. against SUPP or MCA only. Why not take on UMNO directly ?
    What Ng is trying to do is to unite the opposition against the gov. But DAP is too hard headed to give way. DAP thinks only they are good enough. And it seems the rest of u here thinks so too. Pity… Ng wants to avoid 3 corner fights with DAP n the gov. cause it’s a sure lose for the opposition. so mite as well make it a clean fite between opposition n gov. why need to have 2 oppositions against each other ? Why KeADILan can give way DAP cannot ? they are both oppositions after all, n shud be working together against the gov.

    –> Unite the opposition against the gov? Well, if KeADILan so persistent in contesting, there are many seats in Sarawak to choose from. Why choose the seats where those are considered stronghold for DAP? And I am very sad to say this, although I agree with you on ‘racial politics’, people in Sarawak especially the Chinese areas only know DAP as their choice of opposition. Did Ng go and get feedback from the ground? Of course DAP do not want to let go. Bandar Kuching, Stampin, Lanang, Miri, Sibu all considered their best bets against BN this time, if keADILan truly want to fight against BN and for the people interest then work with them. Give way also must see the chances, seniority and acceptance from the public. Ng should know better than me.


  9. Ng's blood supporter wrote on Mar 4, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    But DAP should give way too. both parties did have a private agreement to let KeADILan take stampin this election. but DAP denied it. figures. they cant accept it. to them it’s considered losing face. KeADILan gave way to DAP a lot of times. its time DAP compromises n give way too. Ng tried compromising with them. but they wont do it. Of coz he did go for feedback. i was there. lolz. n of coz he knows more than u. y else would he draw back at the last minute ? its the spirit to unite the opposition that held him back from putting up a 3 corner fight. DAP seriously too narrow minded. i’m chinese myself. but i cant help feeling ashamed of DAP for their too square thinking. We chinese should unite. not fite with each other. no matter which party we’re on.

    –> Yes, DAP is very narrow minded, as usual thinking only Chinese votes matters. I totally agree with you on that. Well, obviously he knows more than me, but from what I understand on the ground, many do not want PKR to run for them, which I think is pretty sad, as PKR is a true multiracial party. I went to help Elizabeth Wong and Sivarasa campaigning last Sunday and the camaraderie between all the races just great! Chinese, Indians, Malay, the three main ethics all helping in the programme and this you can hardly find in DAP. Then again, the main objective is to deny BN, both parties share the same objective and I am sorry to say, DAP is a more preferred choice for the people to lead this time around in Sarawak, especially in those controversial seats. keADILan can choose from other seats.

    But, I must take my hat off to Ng for pulling back and not going for the Bandar Kuching seat. I was relieved when I read the news. Hmm. Your last sentence – We Chinese should unite, I would prefer you to say ‘We MALAYSIANS should unite’, coming from a PKR supporter? Or Ng supporter. πŸ™‚


  10. Ng's blood supporter wrote on Mar 4, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    n if those areas u mentioned are DAP’s strongholds. y dont they have those areas by now ? those areas should be easy for them. n yet they still dont control that area. n KeADILan does contest in a lot of other areas. its just a few chinese areas they’re trying to get. to let ppl know that KeADILan is not a malay party, but a multi racial party. so y DAP have to be so ngiau ci ? lolz.

    –> This time around it is the best chance for them with the sentiments against BN among the people is very strong. Well, let’s see if they can do it this time. If not PKR have all the reason to fight for those seats next time. I truly believe keADILan is not a Malay party, a more multiracial party that DAP. Hell DAP ceramahs hardly have any speakers from the party speaking in Malay. And they have no Malay candidates at all. (I may be wrong here, this from what I remember). It still boil to the perception of voters in Sarawak especially among Chinese voters. I seriously doubt there are many Chinese voters in Sarawak that understand the issue of Anwar and PKR like you so that they are able to make their choice wisely. It may hamper the chance for PKR to win any seat in Chinese areas. I may be wrong, for I am not in Sarawak now, but I have many friends in Sarawak, my families, relatives and I get feedback from them.


  11. Dominique's Bloodline wrote on Jul 26, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Your family talk crappy shit then, man! They have the friggin’ wrong ideas about Dominique Ng because they think the hell like you! Idiots who can’t stand to their own thought on someone, forcing themselves to accept what others think, that’s your choice for wise words! If you truly know Dominique, you will know what a great man he is! Nobody can hate him as much as I hate your freaking words now! If you truly aren’t the shit the way you criticize someone, tell him that yourself! I am very sure he wants to know what the people of Sarawak, hell even Malaysia thinks of him! If you truly aren’t the pussy the way you talk, face the politician yourself!! And I totally agree with Ng’s blood supporter. He is the man who opens both eyes to the political system in M’sia and as for you, dumbass, you turn a blind eye and decided to push all the blame on the man who is my hero!!! The hero of so many who’re still turning a fucking blind eye on him!!! WHO FREAKIN’ DON’T HATE THE BARISAN FUCKED-UP NASIONAL?!?! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! DON’T TALK CRAP WHEN ALL YOU CAN THINK OF IS FREAKIN’ CRAP! ASSHOLE! :down:

    P.S. Get out of the internet and face the real world for all I care. Stop sitting in front of the computer and listen to what others think of him. It is only because of people with the likes of YOU that are delaying their victory against BN and DAP. Young and bold; you are NONE!


  12. bongkersz wrote on Jul 26, 2008 at 10:50 am

    Wow.. you are fuming eh? I must struck some chords then. Ah, I have a better idea how Dominic Ng’s supporters are like after reading your comment. You can’t help people having wrong ideas of what a ‘great man’ your hero is because of his actions πŸ™‚

    What? He’s the man who open both eyes to the political system in Malaysia? That’s a joke or what? It is hilarious that you pointed out he is a hero to many ‘who’re turning a fucking blind eye on him’, that doesn’t sounds very right, more of a self glorified hero to me.

    Tell me again what he did so far to ‘open both eyes to the political system in Malaysia?’ Please.

    “It is only because of people with the likes of YOU that are delaying their victory against BN and DAP.”

    Funny, when you have a common enemy (BN), you choose to fight the enemy of the enemy as well. With that mentality, PKR in Sarawak under Dominique Ng can rot for all I care. Don’t ever equate PKR in Sarawak with West Malaysia. Dominique Ng is making PKR sounds like a joke among Sarawakians. PKR in Sarawak is to please a one man’s battered ego, and for his blind pom pom supporters like you to keep licking his balls.

    Internet is just a medium for me to write craps to be read by people like you, and glad I am somebody can hate me so much by reading craps. Not very brilliant are you?

    Why are you here reading craps again? If it’s crap, you shouldn’t bother no?

    ps: Fuck you, I worked as volunter for PKR during election, well not with disillusioned Sarawak’s PKR though.


  13. anjangteh wrote on Sep 4, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    Sorry to interrupt your ‘hot’ discussion. I guess Dominique’s bloodline is a young blood and you know what people say about the young blood. Anyway, I think bongkersz is doing the right thing here, giving his fair analysis. Whovever wants to carry PKR flag in Sarawak and chanting for a more better and effective government, should do it honestly. Remember that you will set a precedent and anything you do will be remembered. So please, if you believe you (PKR) can shape a better future, pls do with wholeheartedly, push your proposition of economic and social blueprint to us. I would be happy to have a effective democracy with two strong parties. At the end of the day, the right to vote lies on us to pick the right party with the right agenda.


  14. anonymous wrote on Apr 12, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    i think wat nobody really understands is dat this chong guy is the heart of dap. n he has this grudge wif ng. so of coz he’ll sabotage ng in every way he can. i mean look at the obvious. everytime there’s dap n ng involved. ng always turns out at the wrong end. doesn’t this look very 1 sided to u?


  15. anonymous wrote on Apr 12, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    n being the gud guy is owes kinda hard u noe. not dat i’m saying this ng is totally gud. his biggest fault is dat he gave way to chong. politicians shud be vicious n totally manipulative. like chong. he’s such a lucky guy to have his father as 1 of the founders of the party. he doesnt have to worry about any1 not backing u up in a party at all


    bongkersz Reply:

    @anonymous, the result should tell you everything


  16. anonymous wrote on May 1, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    the results only tell us dat ppl in a democratic country usually chooses popularity over integrity.


    bongkersz Reply:

    Integrity? Fler has zilch for going against his own party.


  17. anonymous wrote on May 3, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    he did not go against his own party. his own party went against him. i wish ppl who dont know the full story would stop making comments or write in their blogs what they dont know actually happened. becoz sometimes reading the newspaper n listening to gossip is far from the truth. u have to investigate before u say these things. they are hurtful. but who cares right? not u, not them. nobody does. only those who are at the wrong end suffers. every1 else gets more stories to watch, hear n tell. regardless of the contents.
    i just want to ask u 1 question. what has Dominique done wrong to the ppl of sarawak? maybe he has changed parties or stood as independents a few times. but do u know the REAL reason he did these things? he only stands for what is right. if that means going against a party, then he dares to do it. who has ever done such a thing? he did not go over to the dark side(BN). he just went from a place dat does not welcome him for his rigid stand against what is wrong to another. there is no wrong in that. if what he intends to do is fight for justice and what is right. it doesnt matter what party u r in. dap’s chong insisted that ng be sacked from the party. do u noe why? becoz chong dislikes ng n chong’s father is a decision maker in dap. wat result can be more obvious. ng quited pkr why? becoz there WAS a plot in the election to get rid of him. pkr knows if dominique is there, they cannot work with dap. pkr needs dap. but does dap care? as long as they can get rid of ng, they’d say anything. say baru bian can become cm. say see chee how is a btr candidate. n now they are TAKING all dat back. they are blaming pkr for all the shit dap could not solve. they’re done with using pkr now they wan to use snap. do u think this is fair?
    Does any1 here actually know what they themselves are fighting for? a better world where truth and justice reigns. or a world where u do what u can to get rid of those u dislike? sometimes i cannot help being ashamed that i am a chinese. these are mostly chinese who says he is a traitor. when they do not know the whole story. being a good guy is never easy. please save your bad comments to urself. n dont post them where ppl actually reads n believes them. if u intend to spread what u believe is right thru ur blog.


    bongkersz Reply:

    What he has done wrong? Well, he put himself first before the fight. The fight, the cause is bigger than the man. This is bigger than Dominique Ng. Yes, he has not gone to the dark side, but what good he did when he did exactly what the dark side wanted him to do?

    And, I do know certain things and what transpired between closed doors, how it went about DAP and PKR in Sarawak.

    Funny you were replying to a very old post written in 2008, if this blog post is bull shit why bother replying? And funny how what I wrote in 2008, it happened again 2011.

    Sorry, Dominique Ng may be a good man but he’s too selfish in his actions, who thinks he’s bigger than the cause and his party. I guess only 400+ people who voted for him disagree with this statement.


    bongkersz Reply:

    I forgot to add. You said he stands for what is right, for justice. What justice and what wrong he’s trying to right in his actions? For himself? For the people? Then why the people didn’t back him up? Hence, my very first reply to you is sufficient to answer all this.


  18. anonymous wrote on May 4, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    bah. 1 person cant change the world. if the world doesnt want to change so be it. who cares. not u, not me. n why should he right?

    u say he is selfish for standing out n taking something that could have benefited all if he stood back. i just want to ask dap, why is it that they choose to aim at this particular place? maybe u say it is coz dap thinks their chances of winning there is bigger. but the truth is dap just wans to get rid of dom. it has happened yet again. n they finally got their wish. dom gone. they have been attacking him since he was in dap. n he stood up against their attack. ppl call dat selfish. coz he stood up. this dap has finally shown its true colours. they would go far to get rid of those they dislike. n who is behind most of these attacks? none other than chong chieng jen. i wonder why nobody sees chong’s handiwork. perhaps he is just good at dirty tricks where dom is just an idiot who works but doesnt think cunningly.
    ok the other part. u say he wants to right what wrong? the wrong dat pkr took back batu lintang n gave it to another even worst candidate. see chee how. but he won. guess why? becoz chong vouched for him. chong even vouched for baru bian. baru bian was the 1 who personally agreed to do the swap with dap. no other pkr members were there. it was done at night. sealed with an agreement. with the presence of reporters. n without consent from pkr heads. i wonder, is this wat u call right? why shouldnt dom fight? he even prepared his posters for this election. he has done everything to fight for the party. n this is what they do to him. i do not say dat his decision to fite as an independent was wise. but it is the only choice then. u either fight despite the loosing chances. or u keep ur mouth shut and pretend to overlook the wrong done by both parties.
    n lastly u ask why i bother replying. becoz dom is my father. i will not stop until i get his name cleared. ppl like u who read newspapers, listen to gossips, n do not know what actually happened have to be told the truth. even if they wont hear it. dats why.


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