‘Deny Barisan National A 2/3 Majority in the Upcoming Election

This is one of the group that I am most active in Facebook, other than my Warbook alliance group. If you share the same sentiments with me, please give us a hand. We are aiming for 1,000,000 members. Let us show the Barisan Nasional that we are serious about this. Let’s deny them a 2/3 majority this coming election. If you are as fed up with the stupid, racist, bigoted, sexist remarks by BN MPs as I do, if you are sick of BN’s NATO (NO ACTION TALK ONLY), if you think we do better without them holding the majority in the parliment where most of their MPs merely become yes man, puppets, ball-ess parlimentarians.. and yes, if you have the balls of steel come and join me in the group 🙂 This is the least that you can do, right?

How to join? You must have a Facebook account in order to do that, and when you are already in Facebook, search under group for ‘Deny Barisan National A 2/3 Majority in the Upcoming Election!’. Or you can use this link here if you already in facebook.

I copied the group info here for your preview 🙂

Group Info

Name: Deny Barisan National A 2/3 Majority in the Upcoming Election!

Type: Common Interest – Politics


The Barisan Nasional government has ruled Malaysia for 50 years without a break. In the last 50 years, we have had no other government other than Barisan National. Their confidence has made them arrogant and some of their policies are marginalizing many Malaysians. They say they do not tolerate corruption, yet corruption is peaking. They say they want to improve our quality of life, yet inflation is suggested by STAR last week to be rising 20% this year! They say that they want to eradicate poverty, yet the poorest are the Malays in the rural areas of Malaysia! They say they want a government for all, yet as much as 50% of the population feels they are marginalized. The government and civil service consist of many confirmed corrupted politicians and civil servants and the local government consists of cronies who make lots of money from the so-called ‘privatization projects’ given to them on a plate!

From STAR, November 9, 2007 –

What Pak Lah says:

Mutual Respect and the Constitution

“I give an assurance that UMNO will never breach the spirit of the understanding that has been agreed with other communities at the time of Merdeka.”

-Not true.


“If I want our religion to be respected and understood, let us in UMNO show exemplary behaviour by respecting the followers of other religions and their needs.”

-They just demolished an Indian temple in Shah Alam with 100 policemen.

Developing the Growth Corridors

“We put aside politics to improve the quality of life of the people and to lift them out of poverty.”

-Only cronies get projects and corruption is endemic. In general, most Malaysians are getting less and less, but the cronies are getting more and more!

Bread costs more!Roti canai is no longer affordable!Tea tarik prices rise every 4 months!We have had enough! We want a change!!


1. None of the administrators or editors of this group belong to any political party. We owe no allegiance to any master other than our own conscience.By joining this Group, you are expressing a wish that you like to deny Barisan Nasional a 2/3 Majority in Parliament.

By this token, pro-Barisan supporters will not find value in membership in this Group and will receive no invitation and no welcome. Otherwise, nevermind the fact you may be under-aged, overseas or cannot vote. We love to have your moral support for our cause to deny Barisan 2/3 majority rule.

Non-Malaysians who sympathize with our cause are welcome!

2. By joining this Group, you also agree to receive announcements, reminders and editorial postings. These will be mailed to all members from time to time. You may opt out of receiving these by adjusting your Facebook settings.

3. We welcome ALL contributions to the Wall and Discussion Board. We respectfully request you to contribute without the use of any profanity so that we need not edit your writings/articles.If you wish to leave a general message for all to read, use The Wall.

If you wish to start a new topic for discussion use the Discussion Board.Please send your VIDEOS, PICTURES AND POSTED ITEMS TO our Editor at loonkwai@gmail.com

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