Blogging in the jam

Location : Sunway toll plaza

Time : 6.45pm

I am writing this in my car, one hand on handphone keypad, another on the steering. Jam very bad at here, fark. Just don’t know how bad it is, I can’t stand the wait.. Arghh…

Continue from above (just reached home) Reached home.. ūüôā Today, I’m not going to write anything particular, just random ramblings hehe.. Just now, 2 cars stalled in front of the toll plaza, that’s what caused the heavy jam.¬† And¬†near Panasonic factory, few cars seems like involved in accident, stopped by the road side, quite a number of people standing there. I didn’t slow down to look, fark them, I wanted to be home fast! Get a shower, take my dinner… lazy-ing for the night yeah!!!!!

Cars on the left..

Cars in front..

Cars on the right…

Just read Cibol’s post for today. So he wrote about his MiRC days hehe.. I do have my share of experiences as well. I learn to type, to surf and to know things about compute and internet from my IRC days. Yeah, before IRC, I never touch computer in my life. Ah, I remember that when I was 14, hmm form 2 –¬†a classmate brought me to his house and showed his computer to me. That was the first time I see a computer eheh. And you know what? The first thing¬†I did on his computer was¬†watching¬†porno film.¬†Bwahahaha..

Hey hey.. I didn’t know¬†how to¬†operate the thing back then, he was the one doing all the work and¬†he was so excited to show me¬†what his computer could do.. kakakakakaa! And my next encounter with computer – whenI was in form 4, 16 years old. Back in hometown, bored and nothing to do I walked into a shop thinking that it was¬†a video game shop.¬†( I saw many people hanging outside the place)

Everyone in the cybercafe was chatting on MIRC, so I thought this things looked fun. So I sat down, staring at the monitor without a clue what to do haha! Looking at a guy sat next to me I asked him how to use the thing. He replied ‘Klik sia.. Konek (opss….. lol lol)¬†dolok… baru boleh main’¬† (Click there, you must connect first then only can start using)

So I did what he said. And he pointed me to a channel. So I was chatting at this main channel, typing very very slow.. and the funny thing was, I wanted to find somebody to chat with, but I didn’t know how so I asked in the main channel and somebody replied ‘Just select the person you want to chat with lah’ Still.. I stucked for about half and hour at the main channel before I accidentally double clicked on a name. Oh!! Must double click the name!! Farker… explain lah properly.. how I supposed to know this thing need to click two times.

I know someone very special to me also through MIRC ūüėõ hihi…. oh this story next time I feel want to tell then I write la..

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4 Responses to “Blogging in the jam”

  1. cibol wrote on Nov 29, 2006 at 10:19 pm

    I know someone very special to me also through MIRC hihi…. oh this story next time I feel want to tell then I write la..

    I’m waiting to hear that story .. he he he .. that would be fun!


  2. elvinado wrote on Nov 29, 2006 at 11:43 pm

    You’ve got a nice picture with good clearity. is it handphone? or digital camera. Really clearla the picture…


  3. bongkersz wrote on Nov 29, 2006 at 11:48 pm

    Handphone. Nokia 6680. Scaled to smaller size that’s why look quite ok i guess.


  4. cibol wrote on Nov 30, 2006 at 11:28 am

    he he he .. use LG choco .. better pics, i mean in hp case la.


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