Back in the Land of Hornbills!


For the last few days.. busy sorting my stuffs to be packed.

The war zone..

I thought I could pack all this in just 2 bags.. how wrong haha!

End up getting a big-ass bag. Easily can stuff STP in. :up:

Off I go!

At the ‘ketupat’ hall  😀

I reached Kuching around 12pm yesterday.. went to Holiday Inn to check in. My nose was killing me. I was having a bit of flu.. keep sneezing on the plane, damn embarassing. I am allergic to dust.. was sneezing all the time while packing my luggage already 😛

On the plane, I couldn’t control the flowing of mucus from my nose either, the thing just ‘free flow’ from my left nostril nyahahahahahha! End up stuffing my nostrils with tissues 😀 I contemplated to take some photos.. but decided to spare you good people from those disgusting photos :p Some obligatory photos to be taken as someone who has a blog before I went to take my nap 😀

Then I went to sleep.. I even missed the match between Spain and Sweden 😥 So I woke up this morning, rewarded myself with a plate of oily, tasty KOLO MEE! 😀 😀 😀

(Image source: vkeong.com)

It is good to be back in the Land of the Hornbills! *wandering around in loincloth arming with Digi WIDE-ASS connection hunting for hornbills…* Adios!

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  1. bongkersz wrote on Jun 25, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    how to send regards if i don’t know you.. hahahaha!


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