Any real good reason not to give PR a chance at governing?

Just an observation.

Somehow, I have came to notice that Malaysians have higher expectations and standards for Pakatan Rakyat to fulfil, but low expectations and even lower standards for BN. It is unfair, not to mention Pakatan Rakyat is not even the Federal Government equipped with all the resources and machinery at its disposal. But, it is a good thing too.  I would hold Pakatan Rakyat to the highest standards possible, because only by doing that they will improve. Set the bar realistically high and expect good results, after all what is the point setting the bar too low?

Not true? Well, some of you expect Pakatan Rakyat to undo the shit BN has done in the past 50 years in just a short 5 years, no? An example would be like what I have previously posted on Kedah, which Muhyiddin gave”E” to PAS state government, which some would agree without looking into the details. But, for BN you would not think twice about giving it another chance to be the government using excuses like “to continue the development”, “need more time” etc.

Why wouldn’t you do the same for PR? Give the same chance you give BN? Give the same ample time you have given to BN? BN had 50 years to do whatever things it wanted to do. BN had the chance. Oh is it because PR has no track record at governing a country? So, using the same argument, most employers should not give a chance to fresh graduates, new applicants applying for jobs in their companies because they don’t have track records working with the companies? How about, in short 5 years, we look at PR achievements in all the states it has governed and make a conclusion? The only reliable documents to be used as ‘report card’ for performance should be the Auditor General’s Report. You can download the whole sets of audits reports for Federal Government, State Governments, Statutory Bodies all here.

It is a well known fact by know, Auditor General’s Reports have been singing praises for PR states – Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan until at one point, some idiots from BN said the Auditor General was bias. Tell me if Penang, Selangor and Kedah (which were previously governed by BN) are doing better or worse under PR now?  If those states are not doing better under PR than when under BN, by all means no need to give any chance to PR. Go ahead, you can even take any of the 9 other states under BN and compare with these 4 states in terms of governance to find out how well or bad PR is doing.

So, what more proof you need that PR is capable at governing and even better than BN as vindicated by the Auditor General’s Reports? Any convincing reason PR should not be given a chance to become the government? What? PAS will turn this country into Taliban? DAP will turn this country into a communist country? Or is it Christian? Listen to yourself, how ludicrous those accusations are.

And just be careful and do a little research when you see something like this irresponsible and misleading advert by MCA/BN.


Clearly, they missed out the fact that Malaysia also experiencing negative GDP growth for the same period and Penang recovered faster than Malaysia, as illustrated by the chart below.


MIDA reported that Malaysia’s approved FDI stood at RM34.8 billion in 2012, far below RM68 billion captured in 2011. Sure, they conveniently missed this out.


Think for yourself. Leaving you with these wise words by this Atuk.



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