Anwar Ibrahim accused of ‘sodomy’, again??! Old trick?

I woke up this morning to receive a shocking sms from NH.

“Dude wake up. Anwar accused of sodomy again”

I tried to reply his sms and fired up my Digi Internet but to no avail, because I did not pay my outstanding bill haha! End up calling Digi and made the payment through the phone. Only now I have the chance to get on the internet and read on the issue.

I have yet to read much on this but.. just few comments and interesting links to share.

So, another sodomy report against Anwar Ibrahim? Come on, come up with something new. Old trick cannot be used many times. Bodoh! This is the second time that such a report had been lodged in over 10 years. According to the police report filed by his 23-year-old aide yesterday, the sodomy allegedly committed by de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim took place “in a condo in the Damansara area”. The following police report was made on 28 June 2008 at 5.45 PM by Mohd Saiful Bukhari bin Azlan, who turns 23 next week (IC No. 850706-01-5687):

“Saya Mohd Saiful Bukhari b Azlan ingin melaporkan bahawa saya telah diliwat oleh majikan saya. Perkara ini berlaku tanpa kerelaan saya. Kejadian terakhir berlaku 26/6/08 di Unit 1151, Kondominium Desa Damansara, Jln Setia Kasih, KL. Oleh itu, tujuan laporan ini dibuat untuk mendapat pembelaan dan keadilan keatas diri saya. Saya juga berasa bimbang dengan keselamatan diri dan keluarga saya jika perkara ini tersebar luas di khalayak ramai. Majikan saya Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim – Ketua Umum PKR.”

Me: The accuser does not have a time where the incident was alleged to have happen. What kind of sloppy, dumb report is this? How is the accused going to prepare his defense of alibi?

Let us look at the whole thing carefully.

What are the information that we have? In this issue we should take a look the background of the individuals involved.

1st, Anwar Ibrahim (AI). He was accused of sodomy and corruption in 1998. He was found guilty for both charges but the sodomy charge was overturned, six years after he served his time in jail. There are many rumours flying around regarding AI sexuality. Some swore that they saw AI dating ‘lelaki jambu'(pretty boy) before. (Hmm… those who admitted that AI sodomised them – Dr. Munawar and AI’s driver both also not handsome and jambu. Fugly. Sukma? Well.. I don’t want to comment, leave that to STP hahahaha! :D) Only AI and his god knows whether he did what he was accused. I personally think he is not into backdoor entry and even if he is, that is his personal choice. I reserved the same opinion for Chua Soi Lek. I am not supporting the actions, but I sure condemn those that forever on their high moral pedestals – self elected moral guardians. Self appointed moral guardians irk me. Get a life, pls?

2nd. Who is Saiful Bukhari – the accuser? According to many inviduals that personally know this guy, he is what we call ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. Malays say ‘Musang berbulu ayam’. The are reports saying this guy was Najib’s strong man, ex-UMNO guy. He gained entry to AI political circle through his friend after ‘repented’ and left AMNO.

Saiful Bukhari, the accuser. Jambu?? 😈

(Image source: here)

There are few interesting links to read on this: (Take note of the entries’ date and read the comments. The comments are more interesting than the entries.)

Selamat Maju Jaya, Saiful

Musang Berbulu-Ayam Part 1

Musang Berbulu Ayam Part 2

Musang Berbulu Ayam Part 3


We also aware of certain profilic individuals such as Musa Hassan and Gani Patail and their ‘involvements’ in the conviction of AI. Musa Hassan was the investigating officer at that time (Probably if you followed the case closely you will remember he’s guy carrying the ‘semen-ted’ mattress to the court) and Gani Patail was the case prosecutor. Could be a vendetta? After they failed to convict AI?

Done with actors’ biodatas. Let’s look at the situation of background of the story.

After 8 Mac political tsunami, weakness of the BN-led government under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is getting more obvious. The government is getting lesser support as time goes by especially after few unpopular decisions made by him such as raising the fuel price, sidelining East Malaysian leaders from his cabinet and exerting pressures against and pulling out people’s projects from Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states. He is making a lot of enemies from inside and outside AMNO. (too long to list out). He will be dethroned anytime soon and his party (read BN) may lose power of the country. He is in a situation what we call ‘deep shit’.

Abdullah is not the only person to feel the heat. His second man, Najib and the infamous Rosmah Mansor – Najib’s wife also feeling the heat especially after RPK made a Statutory Declaration implicating Rosmah in Altantuya’s murder case. The case becomes too hot to handle, even Najib and his wife were forced to respond to the media.

Anwar – deemed the new hope of Malaysia. Widely acknowledged as ‘Prime Minister in waiting’. He is seen to the the only person capable to steer Malaysia and ‘save’ Malaysia from catastrophic doomsday. He is gaining more supports from the ground after the encouraging result for the opposition (especially his party – PKR) in the March 2008 General Election. Despite receiving more supports, he is also bombarded with all sort of allegations in the MSM without any access given to him to defend or reply to the allegations.

Latest allegation? He sodomised Saiful Bahari.

My take? These are few questions and comments to ponder about:

1. Abdullah is trying to kill many birds with one stone. RPK, Najib, and Anwar Ibrahim. Who would think he will do this? But then again, who would think he would remarry again (after he denied it previously), dissolve the parliament (after saying the exact opposite the previous day?) and increased the fuel price as much as 40% to RM2.70 (after he was saying otherwise the previous day?) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is capable of many things.

2. I think it is a pathetic show and desperate attempt by the corrupted government to save its ass and after a decade, is this still relevant?

3. This is may be an attempt to sidetrack us from major issues – C4 , Altantuya and the Statutory Declaration by RPK. They are trying to badawise us! We are stupid but we are not badawi! Note: Saiful Bukhari was close to Najib before. This explosive news probably is to divert the attention from Najib and other dead horses to AI.

4. So how does that 35 year-old (now 45 years old) virgin fit into all this? Remember Ummi Hafilda? πŸ™‚ Out of nowhere she came into the picture? Is she going to make her appearance again?

5. Are we going to see the parade of mattresses again? Hey they probably dust the old mattress and use it as evident in court again. Bring in on!

6. Probably we should ask Ezam Mat Noor? He was a close aide to Anwar and now he is busy attacking AI. Probably he was sodomised before as well? Huh, after 10 years of the Anwar’s sodomy case, nobody come out and say ‘I was sodomise and this is the farking proof’. What we had was some individuals went to lodge police reports against AI. Why straightly go to the police? Go to TV3, show medical reports, photos to the world if it is true. Why police first? The pattern is there. Same old pattern. Boring. Dumb.

7. What a lame reproduction.

Why not come up with a new plot? While they are at it, why not accuse AI of Altantuya’s murder? Create some stories like actually AI was having affair with Altantuya, then also sodomised some boys and Altantuya found up, she went berserked and AI killed him?? Be creative lah! Old trick cannot be used many times!!!!!!!!

Anwar Ibrahim’s press statement : Read here.

Interesting video to watch. Did Anwar Ibrahim perform sodomy? Here is one good post:

Did Anwar Perform Sodomy? Some Video Confessions. (Check out the videos) This is another video on Anwar’s corruption and sodomy charges, check out how wonderful our ex-Prime Minister using his selective memory to ‘skirt around’ the questions asked by the interviewer.

ps: I used/translated some of the points mentioned in this post by BumiLangit. I hope he doesn’t mind. A good post must be shared. :up: A lazy blogger like me, just copy-lah! πŸ˜€ NH posted an entry on this as well.

pss: Some of points are just my flaccid mind’s imaginations at work. Please take it with many pinchs of salt. :arrow:

psss: All this events eerily similar in comparison with a certain African politician – Moo-gah-beh doings.. to stay in power at all cost, at whatever it takes. :vangry:


Malaysiakini: PKR fears Anwar an assasination target – He has sought protection at the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur indefinitely

The Star Online: Anwar receives death threats, in hiding

The Malaysian Insider: PKR claims anwars life under threat

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12 Responses to “Anwar Ibrahim accused of ‘sodomy’, again??! Old trick?”

  1. Ah Po wrote on Jun 29, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    I don’t think AI would be so stupid as to commit such a thing at this critical time. Same old story? Oh come on, whoever the script-writer, producer and director of this ‘story’, please be more creative and innovative, ok? We, the rakyat, need some fresh ‘entertainment’.


  2. d_sticks wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 12:26 am

    something’s just not right here….bodohwi is bodoh…but ….who would have thought he’s this bodoh to bring up such a story……

    there’s more to this than meets the eye..

    Meanwhile..in the turkish embassy…. anwar’s planning his next master plan……..



  3. angeles wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 1:07 am

    boring. bodoh. bozo.


  4. bongkersz wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 1:39 am

    dungu. bebal. bongok. bengap. bangang. apa lagi? tongok.


  5. LadyBird wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 8:29 am

    abissss lah semua jejaka jambu kene sodomy..jejaka tu jambu ker atau dia yang prasan jambu memang pun muke dia cam minte d sodomy pun ehekk…

    gomen dah abis modal lah tu so come out with vungukz and vuduh nye storiii…


  6. Need to know wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    I could not open (or read) the posting at riwayathayat.. Need some invitations for it..

    Can somebody please copy and paste it somewhere so that everybody can share the thoughts?


  7. Ah Po wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    I actually agree with d_sticks. Something is going on behind the scene. Something fishy. A masterpiece….


  8. bongkersz wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    bro, the easiest way is, you go to google, type cache: (put the page link here) and you can view it. :up: probably the owner of the blog locked his blog because of heavy traffics.


  9. bongkersz wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    indeed there is something going behind the scene. well, just sit back and enjoy the show.

    ps: i find it disturbing that dsai was withholding information on gani patail and musa hassan and choose only to ‘reveal’ it now after this police report has been made.


  10. suituapui wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    “Well.. I don’t want to comment, leave that to STP hahahaha!” Now just what are you insinuating??? (Shhh…later people know what we’ve been up to liao! Wink! Wink!Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)


  11. bongkersz wrote on Jun 30, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    what are you thinking? hahahaha! i merely said ‘i leave it for you to comment…’ that’s it πŸ˜›


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