Alfred Jabu is not an empty tin! How dare you think he is one!

Alfred Jabu anak Numpang is the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak.

His style of politics is predictable, downright boring and retarded especially if you are not big fan of him. It is a wonder, a world record of sort how he is still holding power in office. I am not his fan. Listening to his speeches, or reading about him in the local newspapers often caused me diarhea so I try not to read too much stuffs on him. A man needs to take good care of his health, right?

But, his latest remark pissed me off.

“I am aware that some people are saying bad things about the government and me in their blogs and in public. But let us not waste our time listening to these empty tins.”

“I challenge them to do just 10% of what SALCRA had done. If they succeed, then we have reasons to listen to them. Otherwise they should shut up and don’t ever try to instigate the rakyat again,”

“They blog every day and night but have done nothing for the people. They only talk”

(Source: Eastern Times)

As a person who blogs, I must defend myself from this kind of condemnations yor! Although I normally do not bother to entertain idiots, but I am in a good mood lately so, Jabu here I come to take on you!

If you really have nothing to do, perhaps you can read more on Alfred Jabu ak Numpang and pay more attention when he speaks next time. His choice of words is always similar: anti-establishment, anti-development, instigators, ungrateful, what have you done to help the community, you only know how to criticise, etc.

Well, actually most BN politicians fond of using these words. It is more often used when for less developed states like Sabah, Sarawak, East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Why Sarawak? Because it is obvious that many places in Sarawak is still not well developed and these politicians are fast to credit themselves with bringing the developments to Sarawak. Why you think they shamelessly put up banners and billboards ‘Another project by Barisan Nasional’ everywhere??

Point to note:

1. In any event it is the Government’s duty to bring developments. The government is entrusted with the power to do so. Not bringing in developments reflects badly on the government, and there’s nothing to be proud and brag about the developments by the government, because it is the RESPONSIBILITY for the government to do so.

That’s why people vote for you. Heck, the money come from the taxpayers as well, not a single cent actually belong to the government so please keep your ‘be grateful to the government’ craps. You are just the caretaker. So, stop claming credits for the developments, or you end up sounding like a sore loser, crying over thing which is not rightfully yours.

2. Writing or highlighting anything bad about the government doesn’t make anyone an anti-establishment or less patriotic punk. It is our duty as a citizen to be concerned with the dealings of the government and affairs of people running the country and the state. It is only so much we can do, being powerless we can only highlight controversial, questionable or stupid things carried out by the government or ridiculous statements made by some politicians so people can think for themselves, why in the first place they voted for these idiots. Hopefully, these idiots stop making such mistakes and people become more critical when giving their supports to any individual.

For example, Syed Hamid Albar said ISA is for protection. Alfred Jabu, being the same type of bird with Syed Hamid Albar, I am sure he would agree with that statement. Not me, I do not agree with such ridiculous statement. I must disassociate myself with such moronic statement, lest people think I am actually an idiot like these politicians. Luckily I got a blog, so I blogged about it. ‘Syed Hamid is an idiot? No lah, he’s a moron‘. Some of you may agree, some may not. I made my arguments, it’s a free world, choose your pick.

Then, since when highlighting bad, controversial, and stupid decisions by the government is bad? Is the government immune from making mistakes? What normal people like us can do other than making noises on our lousy blogs? The government should be grateful we take so much interests in the running of the government, while we are paid nothing and being labelled with all sorts of names. At least bloggers are not wasting taxpayers’ money doing ‘nothing’ because they are paid nothing when you as a minister, busy talking craps and scolding people for not ‘kow-tow-ing’ you while getting your salary.

3. As bloggers, there’s only so much we can do. Can you be more ridiculous to suggests bloggers doing 10% of what SALCRA did when we are not in the position and powerless to do so? Physical developments is the least of what powerless bloggers like us can do, but we try our best to change the mindset of people. Hey, in the first place, bloggers are not entrusted with such duty – to do things, but ministers are required so, it is their job. If you are not happy being scrutinised by bloggers or anyone, step down and make way for many good people out there. You are definitely not the only good and capable Dayak leader in Sarawak.

People should not be so submissive, easily pleased with little candies given and they need to learn to more about their rights. It is our rights to receive developments from the elected government, what’s there’s to be grateful about?

As a powerful minister, people like Alfred Jabu is in a better position to help the people as he has the federal and state funds at his finger tips. But, how many of his projects to help the Dayaks, his own people actually bring benefits the people? SALCRA is probably one of his many projects that is better, and yet he is not the originator of the project. Hah! So, why Alfred Jabu wants appreciation from bloggers? Credit given when it’s due, that’s how things work.

Interesting to note, in his capacity as chairman for many commitees, for example as a Chairman of Penan Steering Committee in Sarawak (what an Iban is doing as a Chairman of Penan again?), what he said again when the issue of Penan girls were raped came out? It was only a rumour and a baseless accusation according to him, and he does not want to waste his precious time to investigate the matter.

It took the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and Suhakam from Peninsular to come over to carry out their own investigations. It took a non Penan leader, George Chan to step in to meddle in the affairs which supposed to be a Chairman of Penan Steering Committee duty to do so.

It is only too easy to cry foul and calling bloggers irresponsible, but why don’t you act on good faith on the ‘noises’ created by them?

Of course, Alfred Jabu is a busy man, and still busy living his self created paranoia of invasive foreign propagandas against the Dayaks. Probably too busy making businesses for his family and cronies? I hope not.

For example, who is this Gerald Rentap who owns Utahol Sdn Bhd that has been given 6,900 hectares of land, Ulu Medamit, Limbang for the planting of oil palm? And who is this Robert Lawson Chuat who owns Durafarm which was given land totalling 1501.825 hectares at Tanjong Bijat and Skrang Land districts and 3665.1 hectares of land in Betong? And what about Henry Jantum’s Ever Herald Sdn Bhd that was given 2,127 hectares of land of Batang Layar/Batang Lupar land district and another 2,873 hectares of Sablor and Sebelak land districts in Betong?

(Source: The Broken Shield)

Lastly, as a learned person, someone with PHD, Mr. Alfred Jabu ak Numpang, I am sure you ever came across this quote:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

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No Responses to “Alfred Jabu is not an empty tin! How dare you think he is one!”

  1. Vijay Kumar Murugavell wrote on Dec 9, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    If ” Jabu the hut” understood even 10% of his resposibilities, bloggers will have bigger fish to fry.

    Quote :
    what he said again when the issue of Penan girls were raped came out? It was only a rumour and a baseless accusation according to him, and he does not want to waste his precious time to investigate the matter.

    Ah yes , the police conduct their own internal investigations and clear their own people, so its all clear ? ha ha ha what fantastic cognitive abilities this Jabu has,,,,,,

    I am convinced more than ever that someone wrote his PHD thesis for him, PHD- permanent head damage.

  2. NoktahHitam wrote on Dec 9, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Alfred Jabu, step down and give me your position. I’ll show you what a 25 year old can give. 10%? I can do that in my sleep. 100% is a different story.

    I may not know nor follow Jabu’s boring self lauding speeches, but I’m downright pissed with his remarks.

    A simple analogy. You sell chicken rice for a living. Your customer complains about the taste. Do you tell your customer,”If you can do better, DO IT LAH!” ? No. That is like saying you’re not a good chicken rice maker.

    In this case, he isn’t a good leader. Although I have to admit there are some stupid blog who rants day in and out, and you cant always please everyone. But if you have to be defensive all the time, then you might just join the Malaysian football squad, defend setiap mase.

    Again, what a retard… “take my place if you can..” ptuihhh.. Let me at it! Im serious about it.

  3. bongkersz wrote on Dec 10, 2008 at 8:23 am

    It’s appaling that he thinks people are as clueless as him, just because he’s a minister he can say anything he wants. It may sound funny, but the notion ‘Minister must be right’ is very alive in Sarawak.

    He’s using his PHD intended to cause many Sarawakians permanent head damage so he can stay in power with his fantastic cognitive abilities. Sorry, Jabu.. ain’t so easy!

  4. bongkersz wrote on Dec 10, 2008 at 8:57 am

    I suggest you write in to him and asking for the job. :up:

    To be fair, there are good blogs.. there are bad blogs.. same goes with leaders, people will ignore bad blogs if they are indeed talking cock, and there are things we can close one eye because we understand people make mistakes.

    Anyway, Malaysians – leaders or citizens alike, love to sidetrack from the real issues than tackle them head on. Just like Jabu, what he’s trying to achieve by demonizing bloggers? Tackle the issues bloggers brought up, and then we will respect you.

    Ehe, Malaysia menang that day dude.. 3-0 haha!

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