ADUN Permatang Pasir, Penang has passed away. Another by election coming.

Breaking news:

Penang PAS State Assemblyman Mohd Hamdan Abd Rahman (Permatang Pasir) passed away at National Heart Institute (IJN) at 6.10 am.

Permatang Pasir assemblyman dies

GEORGE TOWN: Penang state assemblyman for Permatang Pasir Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman died at the National Heart Centre in Kuala Lumpur Friday morning. He died at 6.10am.

Mohd Hamdan, a two term state assemblyman and former Penang Pas commissioner, was 60.

He leaves behind a wife and six children.

A Penang government spokesman said Mohd Hamdan’s body is expected to arrive in his constituency Friday afternoon and buried there.

In the general election in 2008, Mohd Hamdan beat Umno candidate Ahmad Sahar Shuib with a majority 5,433 majority to win the seat.

This is not good. We had 6 by elections so far. 4 out of 6 were due to death of assemblyman. All dropping like flies. A world record of sorts. Definitely worth an entry in the World Guinness Book of Records.

What are the reasons? Working too hard? Eating unhealthily? Someone should look into this matter, perhaps getting a  good health care plan for all ADUNs and MPs. Dropping dead after less than one to one and half year in office is not funny.

ps: Do you think BN will boycott this by election? Or saying it is a waste of time and money to have another by election?

pss: Get rid of the dinosaurs. Why are we having geriatrics as ADUNs or MPs? It’s time to rest, play with your grandchildren and enjoy life, not clinging to power. Know your body limit. Just look at how many Youth leaders are that ‘youthful’. My ass youth.

pss: Hmm, divine intervention? Mysterious forces at work? You tell me, heh.

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