A short update

It is another week before Chinese New Year and I am already easing into it (read: lazy at work).

So it’s been 1 year and 9 months working in Indonesia for me. I am enjoying the experience so far. My life is pretty simple here. Morning going to work at 7am local time (an hour behind Malaysia) for  5 hours 12pm, break for 2 hours and then continue at 2pm for  another  3 hours. Saturday half day work. Usually after work go for  a short run or doing whatever to sweat myself out for about 30 mins, then have dinner and doing whatever  is there to be done to occupy myself until bedtime.

Before they put some limitation on the usage of internet, still can waste time on the internet. Now, just relying on the personal data plan, the speed is painfully slow. Just to send a tweet also taking forever. You would in such god forsaken place they’ll ensure certain things that keep you insane, like being connected to the family and friends via simple technology like the internet would be taken care well eh? Well, some people just don’t have any cow sense of anything. Limitation of internet service during working hours is fine to curb abuse, but after office hours? Playing kuku all night also sien lah.

I didn’t make time to write about my 2014 like I usually do at the starting of a new year, as a recap when I was still active blogging. Uh, people still use the word blogging nowadays?

My 2014 was uneventful, well with my time spent most in the jungle, what do you expect? Health wise I think I am doing good, I weigh and look better than the heydays. I manage to keep my weight at 72-74kg and ensuring that I don’t grow back my tummy. I have been monitoring my body stats, the usual glucose, cholesterol, uric acid and everything is pretty good, hope to keep that this year. Introduced more greens in my food intake and cut down on the processed food and carbs. Why the decision to be so health conscious of late? Well, one thing is that the results from all that makes me feel better about myself. I can’t wrap my head around the fact I am only 32 and feeling old and crap. Late 2012, at 88kg or so I was feeling like crap.

My late father passed away because of cancer in 2011, and my younger brother us unexpectedly in 2012 and I think those 2 events subconsciously influenced me to take a better care of myself on order to be able to take care of my loved ones and to enjoy better things in life.. No money can buy you good health, when it is too late. Career wise, I am doing better than before and that is progress so that’s all that matters. Most important thing is to be appreciated for the work you done and the your value as part of the organisation. And for rat racer like us, we measure that in simplest terms possible, money and support.

Oh ya, Adam is growing up fast. He is 17 months now and the last time I went back he was busy showing off his vocab. I hope to be able to spend more time with him. I am going back almost every 2 months, it is some sort of gentlemen deal between me and my boss. I will not give anyone a rat’s ass when it comes to my entitlements and personal time with my family. I have been down that road, and no amount of hard work or money worth the time spent with your loved ones. Money can find. If cannot find as much as you like it to be, then have to  live as much as it can provide you with.

But I have learned that one important thing in life is to have choice. You need to have choices in the things you do in order not to sell yourself short, so don’t limit your choices. Make and open yourself to more choices.

Till next time. Good night.

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