A, B, C..

2nd trip back in Kalimantan. 1st trip in March was to survey the place and “sell” myself to my prospective employer. So I officially joined them on 12th June, last 2 weeks and hitting the ground running from the 1st day.

I was in KL until last Sunday. 2 busy weeks in KL. A lot of walking. (And eating hehehe). Met some old and new friends.

Then I flew down to Palangkaraya via Jakarta to do my work permit and visa. They called it “ITAS – Izin Tinggal Terbatas” here. Tried to get it done on Monday, couldn’t done it one day. I had to go to site for a site meeting on Tuesday, so got to leave for the site 250km away. That is about 4.5 hours journey. If fast.. 2.5-3 hours heh.

imageChairing the meeting in Bahasa Indonesia bit awkwqrd for me, end up using mixture of English and Bahasa Indonesia. Then got to write the minutes in Bahasa Indonesia. Thank Spaghetti Monster for Google Translate! Notulensi rapat bisa saya siapkan!

Today am back to Palangkaraya to collect my passport, ITAS, “buku rekod orang asing” and then report to POLDA (police station) to submit all my finger prints. Erk erk.

Oh yeah, am still getting used to the language. I can understand it, except when they talk too fast. But still need to remember the way they pronounce things here. A is Aaaa (like how you pronounce A in Abort), not Eyyy (A in Addict).. B is B in Bay sound (not the B in Bee).. Like… “Ade” (a colleague’s name) is pronounced “Aaaadey” not “Ey-der”. C is “Say”, not “See”. Lucky yours truly quite used to speak the Bahasa Melayu, Iban and bit of Sabahan hihihihihi.


I think I will write more for this blog… as a way to record my another (mis)adventure… in the “jungle” 😛 I use the word “jungle” to desribe any place remote and far from….. hipsters population lah.



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